How to Determine the Number of Botox Units I'm Getting?

How do I know how many units of Botox I am actually getting? Is there something I can look at, like maybe the syringe?

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Ask your injector

You would have to ask your injector how much they are administering to you. Just ask your injector before your treatment.

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Ask your doctor about the units

Ask your doctor. It is information to which you are entitled. The dilution of the Botox, which must occur as the Botox comes in a powder, is different in different offices. The volume in the syringe doesn’t tell you the units unless you know the dilution. Just ask your provider how many units you are receiving.

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Ask About Units

Experienced physicians will dose out the units before the injections, usually on a drawing of the facial muscles. This way we can determine the appropriate doses at a subsequent visit: if a patient feels that certain areas were under-treated we can increase the number of units or if they were perfectly happy with those dosages we can keep them the same.

You can ask for a copy of this drawing. This is a good thing to have, especially if you move or decide to use another physician.
Also you might politely ask for the dilution and then the amount in cc's. injected. You can calibrate the amount you received. If the physician diluted 1 cc of saline, and a cc was injected then you had 25 units.You can take the drawing and configure the exact amounts you received.
Of course, trust is the important thing. I would urge you to avoid the so-called medi-spas and salons where profit is the sole motive and stick with board certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons who place pride in their work and have reputations to uphold.

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Measuring the units of Botox that you're getting

This is a great question as every person who in injects Botox has a different "dilution" rate. Usually, 3-4cc is used to dilute each vial. Ask your injector how many cc's were used to dilute the vial. As each vial has 100 units, divide the number of cc's into 100 to determine how many units are in each cc. Each area of the face is injected with a different amount, so keep track of the total amount injected to calculate how many units you received.

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Botox Units

The only way to know how many units of Botox you are getting is to ask. Injectors use several different dilutions so the amount in a syringe will vary. Most injectors use a 1cc syringe. If Botox is diluted with 4cc of saline then the syringe would hold 25 units. A 2cc dilution would result in 50 units in the same syringe. The important thing is to get the right amount of units in the right place by an experienced injector.

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Units of Botox

The only way to know for sure the amount of botox you are getting is to ask your provider.  If you do not trust them, then you might consider changing providers.  Ask your primary care doctor who they trust.

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Botox amount used for cosmetic purpose

You should simply ask your doctor. Any physician should feel comfortable to give that basic information to his/her patient. If you don't have confidence that the treating doctor is telling you the truth, then you should find someone whom you trust!

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Botox units in a syringe

To determine how many units you are receiving, you should ask the doctor specifically how the solution was diluted.  If it was diluted as 2cc's for the bottle and you recieved 1 cc of solution than you received 50 units.

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Botox Units

You should simply ask your physician this question. The number of units of botox you receive should be disclosed to you the same way the number of milligrams of any other drug that is prescribed to you. Further, this is what you are paying for. So just ask. If this is not disclosed, then I would recommend finding another provider.

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Ask the doctore about Botox units

The best way to determine the number of Botox units you are getting is ask your doctor. If for some reason you feel that you would not trust the answer, then you should be seeing a different doctor.

In reality the amount of units you receive is not as important as the result you get from the treatment. Some cosmetic surgeons charge by the area injected, others charge by the unit. In the second instance you will always know the amount injected because that would determine the price. However in either instance the doctor should be happy to tell you the amount of Botox you receive in a treatment.

As you have heard before, the most important point is to go to an experienced Botox expert who you trust.

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