I'm 17…what would the cost of a Rhinoplasty consultation with a plastic surgeon be?

I was wondering if, being 17, it would be possible to have an appointment with a plastic surgeon to talk about my nose. Would my parents have to know about it and how much would a first consultation cost?

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I'm 17…what would the cost of a Rhinoplasty consultation with a plastic surgeon be?

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Many thanks for the question .

I am sure its not just about the cost that you are concerned.

The range is between 115 to 150 USD.

But whether or not, your PS will be able to operate on you without the consent of your parents. This depends upon the gut feeling of the PS and upon his consiousence to be able to help you if you need one. I do help if I feel that the teenager is suffering from personality disorders related to her nose and are increasing every month. I do get on with the job on the grounds that that as a part of my duty for humanity at large I must do it. I get on with the job without second thoughts. I am not telling you that this is what you or your PS should do. It’s entirely up to the PS and Laws of the nation and perhaps not to bother his gut feeling.
Wish you all the best

Rhinoplasty Consultation Fees

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The consultation fee for a rhinoplasty surgery can vary greatly from doctor to doctor. Some surgeons offer complimentary consultations free of charge, while others can charge up to $400 for the appointment (many times this fee is applied to the cost of your surgery should you choose that doctor). The location and popularity of the surgeon are some factors that may influence the cost of the consultation. Contact the offices of the surgeons you are considering directly to inquire about the consultation fees and to get a better idea of what to expect.

Sam Rizk, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of rhinoplasty consultation.

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Different doctors charge different consultation fees.  My consultation fee is $100.  You are paying for the doctors time to inform you fully about the best options for you to correct what is bothering you.  You should consider that time valuable.  Your parents would need to sign your consent form and so should be involved in the consultation.

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You should expect in the Boston and Worcester area to spend $150 - 200 for a one hour consultation.  You are buying the expertise of the surgeon and learning about his/her philosophy and approach to this very complex procedure.  A free consultation is often not what you want. Likewise, surgeon's fees can be $4000-10,000 depending on the experience of the surgeon

Consult Cost

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Varies depending on location and surgeon. Call the office your interested in ahead of time and go with your parents or guardian for the consult. You can find a good surgeon from those listed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Look on the websites of those your interested in and view their before and after pictures to see the quality of their work.


I'm 17…what would the cost of a Rhinoplasty consultation with a plastic surgeon be?

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   Sometimes the consultations are free.  I would involve your parents as they will have to provide consent.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Consultation fee for cosmetic surgery

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Dear Q12345,

Fees vary depending on which surgeon you are consulting with. Typically, cosmetic consultation fees are around $125, and be sure to ask when booking if the fee will then be applied to the cost surgery if you decide to go ahead with the rhinoplasty. Best of luck!

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