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Droopy eyes? Ptosis surgery aims to correct this by tightening the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid.

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Very Very Disappointed

I did my ptosis surgery by Dr. Wendy W Lee. The reason that I finally choose her is because I lived in Florida and don't want to go long distance. Also because she belong to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, No. 1 eye hospital in US. But I do not realized that many ophthalmologists are trained... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Double Ptosis Repair and Blepharoplasty - Houston, TX

I cannot recommend Dr Longo enough. I am so happy with my results! He came from a recommendation of a fellow plastic surgeon. I had my surgery October 5 2016. I needed ptosis repair and an eyelid lift on both sides, in order to even out my eyelid structure. He is meticulous and thorough in... READ MORE

55 yr old cheek implants / Ptosis surgery - Austin, Tx

After a couple visits to my Optometrist, I was diagnosed with Ptosis when I went to visit Dr. Amatto at TOC. My eyelids were drooping over my eyeballs a bit too much that it was affecting my vision especially at night. Every light in my sight (street lights, car lights, break lights, etc....)... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Asian, Planning to Fix my Droopy Eyelids - South Korea, KR

I was born with droopy eyelids and it hasn't really bother me until recently. Two months ago we took some photos at my son's eighth grade promotion, I notice my left eye got droopier than my right. I immediately went online trying to search for a way to fix my droopy eyelid and here I am now... READ MORE

36 yr old with ptosis in left eye

About 18 months ago i noticed that my left eyelid felt heavy and when i looked in the mirror it was definitely lower than the right when i totally relaxed my face. I have looked back at old photos and seems like it's always been a little lower but certainly got a lot worse recently (especially... READ MORE

"45 Years Old, with 3 Year Old Twins, Divorced, Ptosis Repair."

My review starts off by my past experience with another surgeon. I unfortunately, had the chickenpox's at the age of 18 which left me with ptosis on my left lid. I was devastated as it seemed to just have happen overnight. My grandmother and I researched to find a specialist. We found a surgeon... READ MORE

I Was Swindled by Dr. Dan Georgescu - Romania

As you know, I have an eyelid asymmetry and ptosis and I went to dr. Dan Georgescu from Zetta clinic.Now he works at Provita and Oftapro. He operated me on for the problem with my eyelid asymmetry ,but used another protocol for the operation,blepharoplasty ,a protocol not suitable for my... READ MORE

20 Years Old. Born with Ptosis in Left Eye.. - Mesa, AZ

Hello, I was born with ptosis in my left eye at birth. I visited my personal doctor and he sent me to an eye specialist. They did three different drops in my eyes. Then measured in CM. It was 1.5 dropped. Waitied a week for responce took another test same place different doctor. I took a vision... READ MORE

36 Year Old with Ptosis in Right Eye - Lone Tree, CO

I'm excited to meet with Dr. Weber on May 17th to discuss my ptosis and the procedure to fix this problem. The lady I spoke with on the form was very informative and helpful about what I will experience during and after the procedure. I feel very confident going into this appointment that I... READ MORE

Ptosis Repair - Jacksonville, FL

I had noticed my left eye had started drooping almost 3 years ago. Over time it had started to become worse and I was very self conscious of it. My friend and patient of Dr. Garcia has recommended him to me. The procedure was quick and the healing process was painless. The recovery photos... READ MORE

Eyelid Reconstruction Following Previous Eyelid Surgery. Denver, CO

Dr Fante is a master but still had a complex job of reconstructing my disfigured features after I initially entrusted my face to an unethical quasi surgeon. I feel lucky and will always feel grateful to Dr Fante for reconstructing my eyelids after going through horrors of facing an unfamiliar,... READ MORE

Dr. Taban is INCREDIBLE!!! Sooooooooo Thankful! - Beverly Hills, CA

It has been 3 weeks since I had ptosis and double eyelid surgery. And the results has been amazing, still a little swollen on the eyelids but it is barely noticeable. Dr. Taban is incredible!! I found Dr. Taban through a review he had written on this website, where he mentioned horners syndrome,... READ MORE

29 Year Old Ptosis Repair - Sterling Heights, MI

As a child I got into an accident with a stick damaging my left eyelid and grew up having all kinds of plastic surgery for the lid. From ages 15-28 I hadn't had any work so I figured it was time to get my eye looked at. Dr. Berkowitz was just that man, he was professional and I couldn't be any... READ MORE

Ptosis repair, blethroplasty, and one-sided browlift

I have been to see two Oculo-plastic surgeons in the Virginia area about treating congenital ptosis in my right eye and right brow. Until now, it's been tolerable, but I am aging, and it's getting worse. It's impacting me in many ways. One doctor, Dr. Rostami, recommends levator advancement and... READ MORE

Looking for Improvement for Sagging Eye Lids - Westchester, CT

I met Doctor James Gordon, Westchester plastic surgeon, after reading his fine reviews on Real Self. I am a woman in my 60's so it is time to do some touch ups to improve my overall image and self image! I met with him because my lids seemed droopy and uneven looking and my left eye lid seemed... READ MORE

Correcting the Extra Skin on my Rt Eyelid. - Virginia Beach, VA

I've had an asymmetric look to my eyelids for a few years now. I'm hoping to correct this and gain more confidence while speaking face to face. I know i sound paranoid by saying this but I notice people noticing it and it zaps my confidence. Also, just a side note but I found out today that my... READ MORE

59 Years Old and One Very Droopy Eye - Bellevue, WA

I was nervous because a surgery is a bit scary. But my left eyelid would drop down when I was tired so I started to ask questions about what to do. My primary care doctor suggested I go see Dr. Amadi. He and his entire staff are personable, caring and very professional. They put me at ease and I... READ MORE

Partial Myectomy and Ptosis Repair for Blepharospasm with Apraxia of Lid Opening

I am am a 52 yr o physician who recently underwent partial myectomy and ptosis repair for Blepharospasm with Apraxia of lid opening, initially almost 7 wks ago, along with lateral canthoplasty which I was unaware of (I am not asian) until after.Initially told I could go back to work in 2 wks,... READ MORE

My Eyes Again. Beverly Hills, CA

I went to Dr. Taban after searching for a surgeon who could offer some hope for correcting the results of an upper/lower bleph I'd had five years before. My previously almond-shaped eyes looked sad and droopy. I consulted a number of surgeons specializing in the eye area. What impressed me about... READ MORE

Much Needed and Appreciated Eye-lid Procedure! - London, UK

My ptosis had bothered me for a while, both on a cosmetic level but also because it was affecting my vision. The procedure took about an hour and apart from the initial injection which I could feel, but was not unbearable, I had no other pain at all, just slight discomfort Sabrina Shah-Desai... READ MORE

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