Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers are a restorative cosmetic procedure that aims to boost the lost volume of the facial fat by injecting fillers that give the cheeks and jawline a more contoured look. Cheek fillers are a non-invasive procedure and offer a speedy recovery time. Mostly, the fillers are comprised of a person’s own fat, but sometimes soft tissue fillers like Restylane are used.

Reviews from the Community

After Recent Eyelid Surgery I Wanted to Tighten Up my Crows Feet and Under Eye Wrinkles - Saugus, MA

other day. Maybe I'll do a review for that. Tired of waiting for Pelleve to regrow my collagen - getting cheek fillers so I don't know if I'll be able to see my Pelleve results accurately. I will continue READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal...OH MY GOD, THE PAIN! Southport, AU

it. I have had various procedures in my time ranging from laser hair removal, IPL, tattoos, piercings, lip filler, cheek filler, nose filler and lipo-dissolve. NOTHING has ever been as painful as this READ MORE

Cheek Filler with Juvederm - Melbourne, AU

cheek If you look closely you can see the dark shadowing under my cheek filler, it gives me a more thinner longer facial appearance, plus the overkill in my top lip can be seen. This picture of me READ MORE

Not worth the money. Save for a facelift

probably due to the loss of fat in the face as opposed to loose skin. I am now thinking of doing a bit of cheek filler (but kind of scared of looking fake). Overall I would say it's all very gradual... think I'm going to wait a few years and go for some very little amounts of cheek filler in a few months and then save for a lower face and neck lift in three years, as Ulthera is really too expensive READ MORE

Inmode Forma - Face - New York, NY

indented line on my right cheek. I would think this will go away with time so I'll post an update in a couple months.
I did notice that Kris Jenner has a similar indented line on her cheek so I wonder if she's had the FORMA laser?? Although, it appears Kris Jenner has cheek fillers which I do not. READ MORE

Dr. Kassir: Non-surgical Cheek, Chin, and Nose Procedures - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir addressed the following:
-Some minor asymmetries from rhinoplasty with a previous surgeon (with Perlane)
-Cheek filler (Perlane)
-Chin (Radiesse)
Total: 1.5 cc of READ MORE

Left with Permanent "Lurch" Marks on Each Cheek - Melbourne, Australia

I was after cheek fillers to feminise my features. I had 1 ml in each cheek in Nov '10 and was given juvederm Voluma in each cheek using a canula. I was told this is the best way as it lets READ MORE

The "Natural" Look - New York, NY

Walking round NYC, I see many derm cases taken too far - over full cheek fillers and heavy foreheads . Being a busy mom in her 40's - I wanted to look better but not like I had work done. Dr. Hale READ MORE

Injectibles - West Orange, NJ

I just had cheek filler and undereye filler along with botox around eye area.
Afterward i put on some makeup in one of his treatment rooms, and met my BF for lunch!. Talk about lunchtime lift READ MORE

I Am Not Sure if U Would Call It a Liquid Facelift. - Tempe, AZ

fold, he said he does not believe in gilling this Ares but to lift with cheek filler that gives a more uplifting to the face. Looking in the mirror I can not disagree. The pictures do not do justice to READ MORE

Just Make It Go Away! - Chevy Chase, MD

reduce some of the upper cheek filler my face, in terms of expression and movement looked...well normal. And the cheek groove that has been chased for the past year, much improved! I went back READ MORE

Please Help Me with Your Professional Opinion As to What Procedure I May Need. - United Kingdom, GB

thoughts was that I may need rhinoplasty as an option, cheek fillers to give myself a more feminine look. i certainly believe a upper and lower bleph could help, genetically I have always had terrible READ MORE

Several Procedures and All Successful - La Jolla, CA

eye filler and she said I really needed a little cheek filler. She was absolutely right. The tiniest bit made a huge difference instantly.
Another time I had a medical issue with my eyes. She READ MORE

WonderFul Doctor and Excellent Job!! - NYC

concerns regarding injecting such a sensitive area. I would not trust an Esthetician injecting that delicate area (you shouldn't either). Be safe than sorry. I got a brow lift, eyes, cheek filler, corners READ MORE

Still Waiting on Final Results - Richmond, VA

for upper cheek fillers. I think I might cheat and try some upper cheek filler in another month as I have a high school reunion and want to be able to smile without worrying about the mega scrunchy READ MORE

Eyes and Cheeks - Perth, AU

have gone completely and the cheek filler has lifted the bottom part of my face my doctor has advised a might need another mill in the cheek area once swelling has gone down I can decide then if I READ MORE

Botox and Fillers - Wellesley, MA

Botox and under eye/ cheek fillers. It was painless. There was no bruising and I look more youthful. The whole experience was pleasant from start to finish. It was worth it! READ MORE

Liquid Facelift Still Swollen and Uneven - Dorset, United Kingdom

I had my first cheek fillers as part of liquid facelift yesterday. It's too early to tell but one cheek is noticeably bigger than the other, although there were more injections to numb the area on READ MORE