35 year old female patient

*Treatment results may vary

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This 35 year old woman wished to be more full breasted. Her nipple position is high and there is not a lot of breast tissue preoperatively. The smaller amount of breast tissue that is present does not have the weight to "bottom" over the years and thus her younger look can be for a lifetime. Several details need to be considered with this patient's case. Notice that there is some scoliosis (the patient has a slight twist of her body). The augmentation can "hide" this difference so you are not looking under her arms as much seeing the twist. Also important is to lower the crease under the breast (IMC=Inframammary Crease). This is a must in a patient like this because of the diameter of the implant. The patient was choosing cases in my book that required her to have a 700 cc moderate plus silicone implant that was placed through the crease line. The patient is now seen at 4 1/2 years.