Sculptra "Liquid Facelift"

*Treatment results may vary

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Facial wrinkles, creases and facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) can give a clear indication of your age and sometimes can give you the appearance of being older than your natural age. Sculptra® has been clinically proven to be long lasting and well-tolerated. It is a synthetic injectable material made from microscopic crystals of Poly-L-lactic acid (synthesized simple sugar). This material does not harm the body, is able to be broken down by the body, and has been widely used for many years in dissolvable stitches, soft tissue implants and other types of implants. No skin testing is required prior to use. Sculptra® is injected below the surface of the skin in the area to be treated. It provides a gradual increase in skin thickness. Sculptra® is used to restore volume to the sunken parts of the face; filling in the hollow under the eyes, heightening cheekbones and reshaping the chin area. Its use is similar to the fat injections to the face, without the two to three weeks of swelling. Visible results appear a few weeks after your first treatment. Unlike fillers, Sculptra® is more like a fat graft; it causes a reaction in the skin, which forms new collagen. Sculptra® requires a series of two or three treatments to achieve adequate filling for your best results. Results will differ for each person. In a clinical study treatment results lasted approximately two years. Touch-up treatments may be needed to maintain the desired effect. Short of undergoing a facelift or laser resurfacing, which are both surgical procedures that work beautifully, Sculptra® is a quick non-surgical approach to adding volume to your face. Many patients consider this option for various reasons. Volume. Duration. Safety.