Wedding has been cancelled because of misplaced Sculptra! Dallas, TX

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I am 4 months post my first sculptra...

I am 4 months post my first sculptra treatment?however?One vial sculptra makes my jaws ugly and bigger ?my face looks very droopy then. I lose my natrual small heart shape face and also my self-esteem. Dr Vo Hu gave me Sculptra even though I emphasized I don't want to make my face bigger and change its shape?

No one would like to help you if you look like not that bad, but actually it is worse than they thought

I went back to the person who injected sculptra to me , he told me I look nice . Like most doctors seeing my photos here, he thought my issue is not like what I described. I went to some experts for help, they didn't care my issue at all because they thought I look OK. However, they would never think about how dramatic the change is on my face until they look at my "before" photos serious! Sculptra not only makes my face wider and puffier , but also makes it look like longer and droopy because too much volume on the lower part . Swelling come and go , soreness either. I found some people finally found a doctor who would like to help and got their issue solved , but I'm afraid who can I go to at this stage. Some one said let time to solve it, but I can't believe I could see any improvement even in next 12 months since I got such vigorous result even with 1 vial sculptra.

Any suggestions?Wedding ceremony has been cancelled?thanks Sculptra!!!!!

Ironically?I think my upper cheeks are getting better while my lower face is growing which makes me looks older and older. It's been nearly half a year?another 2 years to get rid of it??I can't sleep more than 4 hours every night because of this ?I can't believe why someone still think this face looks good ?it's really awful?My wedding ceremony has to be postponed because of this ?besides time ?do you have any idea how to make it faster to go away?

Skin damage from Sculptra is permanent

I had very clear and even skin before sculptra but acne grew like crazy since I got that injection. That is the other thing bothers me now?the acne area is so itchy that I can't stop to scratch my face all the day. I'll be put on Accutane next month ?and birth control also which I don't want to. I don't think the blemish and ugly scars can go away themselves in 2 years like sculptra since the skin damage is 'permanentjust feel sculptra will ruin my future .

another Dr visit today , new knowledge for sculptra

Today I met Dr Ben J.Tittle in Dallas, Tx. He is very knowledgeable and patient , and he has 29 years of experience for using Sculptra. I was educated by Dr Tittle(I'm not medical person so maybe my understanding is not perfect), I have some new ideas about Sculptra: 1.Sculptra is not a immunologic stimulant but a fibrobalst stimulant which only make you create collagen cells (I've heard many doctors say that sculptra stimulates your immune system and let your body create more scar tissue to protect you) 2. Sculptra will leave your body in 3 or 4 months and then leave the collagen for you (that's very different from some doctors says that Sculptra will not leave your body in 9 to 24 months, or even forever) 3.steroid will do nothing for collagen.(I think most doctors here thought it may dissolve collagen and fat so that cause atropy) Dr Tittle would like to let me try 5 Flurourarcil next week , but he told me it may not help . I want to try anything that can give my old face back .

Not fear and angry?but fight back

It's been 7 months since my first Sculptra injection, I'm still very disfigured by only one vial. I've got 2 5fu shots and several kenalog shots, but Sculptra could be a disaster to a young person like me-to build collagen like crazy because my own collagen is still healthy. I saw there are so many complaints about Sculptra , people ask for help once they get bad results while others argue against them because they are enjoy their “puffier" face . Please do not try to correct me if you get good result from Sculptra . After talking with some people who also got Sculptra , I realized that this product is "permanent" to those under 30s. Many girls here in their 20s had to spent 5 or more years on disfiguration. 2 years mark is for those who got subtle result but not those change into a diiferent person. What I'm doing right now? You can see from my photo below. No relief. Actually , good in some days but bad in others. In the first couple of months I would be angry , anxious , cry and fear. But now I feel the first thing is I should calm down , this would be my life the next 3 years . What I can do is call the doctors and let them out 5fu or steroid on my face, done. If one doctor refuse to do that I can search a new one. I'm taking 80mg solodyn and probiotics also. I would do something meaningful like learning how to do skin lightening and reduce acne rather than ask when will I see Sculptra go away again and again.

I don't know when will be my worst day

I feel my face is getting droopier , wider and bigger, Everytime I thought it would be the worst but it was not. It's still growing and never stop. Ironically, I begged many doctors to give me steroid injection but they refused to do because they thought it would cause fat atrophy. But see, how quickly it grows back! Even full strength kenalog 40 could not stop its growing !

9 month mark, no improvement at all

It's been 9 month after sculptra injection, still disfigured, not like myself and no improvement at all . Have to have steroid shot and 5fu every 4 to 8 weeks to deal with the swelling and excessive growth. I have some good days- days after steroid and 5fu, and some bad days . Then I know it's time for going back to my doctor again. In the past 9 months, I cried every night, woke up during midnight because of the nightmare, or sometimes couldn't sleep at all. I couldn't finish my wedding ceremony because I'm disfigured! I feel my life is ruined.

Sculptra pain-after 17 months

Yes, the photo shows the same person. The right hand side photo I took it today , I have a square and puffy face . I used to have a small heart shape face like the left hand side photo shows. It's been 17 months after I got sculptra, I only had 1 vial. Unfortunately, I didn't have any big improvement yet. My face is still big and way too much different from my previous face, which you can see from the photo below. I had kenalog shot in every two months, but sculptra never stop creating collagen no matter how many shots I had. I have some good days and bad days, like all others on realself suffer from sculptra pain I can feel the fluid go up and down. I can feel relief for a while every time I get steroid shot , but after 2 months the sorrow and depression will come back along with the collagen .
I haven't been on realself for a while is not because I'm recovered. That is because doctors tell you different answers , people have various kinds of views and experience , one person may use only 1 year and 4 months to recover from sculptra but another tells you she spent 4 years! Now I'm trying to record my experience.

21 months update, still disfigured

It's been 21 months after I got 1 vial Sculptra , my face is still very big and swollen. I can feel the collagen is still growing monthly, my photo shows my face looks different each month. I wonder if someone on realself has already back to their baseline . I have no idea how can I deal with this if this stuff will leave on my body for another 2 years.
Dr Vu Ho

He is nice and patient ,gives me follow up to correct my sculptra issues,but it does not make sense that he put me on sculptra since I don't need to add volume and I'm only 28!!!

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