35-44 year old woman treated with Lip Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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This 44-year-old woman was becoming frustrated with the use of off-the-shelf fillers to enhance her looks including her lips. As is so often the case, practitioners overestimate the potential for fillers to improve the shape of the lips and instead, the shape of the lips aesthetically suffer. In this case, the upper lip was weighed down by the filler while the lower lip became amorphous in shape. Dr. Randal Haworth first dissolved the hyaluronic acid filler with hyaluronidase prior to the planned surgery. He then performed his OOS upper lip lift to shorten the distance between the base of her nose and vermilion border, unveil her upper teeth while creating a pleasing arch. This lip lift is stabilized to the periosteum (lining of the bone) lateral to the nose itself to provide a solid, permanent improvement to the peri-oral/lip region while minimizing scars and nasal distortion. Additionally, he performed a precision medialized external corner lip lift to further customize the shape similar to a painter while coalescing the shapeless lower lip into a sensual, central pout via a modified lower V-Y plasty.