Lower Facelift & Neck Lift (w/ Liposuction) + Blepharoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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This is a 46 year old woman (5'6", 160lbs) who lost approximately 50lbs. This left her with some submental (under the chin) fullness and laxity to the lower face and neck. This was corrected with a lower facelift and neck lift (with submental liposuctioning). An upper & lower lid blepharoplasty was also performed to address heavy lidding and laxity within both the upper and lower lid. Photos taken six weeks post-operation show that she is already well healed and progressing wonderfully. Her face is more youthfull without appearing 'overdone'. The skin falls naturally creating a very nice angle to her jawline. Her eyes are now more open and bright - with a youthfullness that matches the rest of her face.