26 yo treated with Labiaplasty of Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood Reduction w/Pexy (View 4 of 4)

*Treatment results may vary

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26 yo female located Urogynecologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Oscar Aguirre through an internet search. She has a fourteen year history of undesired cosmetic appearance of her vulva and is very unhappy with the large size of her labia minora. Riding a bicycle causes great discomfort and she avoids intimacy because of being self-conscious of her labia. Dr. Aguirre performed a pelvic examination while she observed with a handheld mirror. After discussing findings and all surgical and non-surgical options she decided to proceed with surgery in the form of an in-office Labiaplasty of the Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood Reduction with Pexy.