32 year old breast augmentation with high profile silicone gel implants

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient is a 32 year old patient was interested in a breast augmentation to give her breasts a more filling look. The patient is a very petite woman with a small frame and very minimal breast tissue. During her consultation, I observed to see her left breast had a slight larger mass than her right. I brought up how a periareolar incision would be the best approach at handling her procedure but she was concerned with breastfeeding later. The patient desired a medium C-cup to give her current 34 A cups definition, but no guaranteed cup size was made. Day of the patient’s surgery I made an incision in the border of the areola inserting the temporary sizes in the patient’s breast. It was apparent that the left breast was significantly larger than the right breast so a change of implants were made. The final augmentation on the right side was a 325 cc high profile silicone gel implant and on the left side was a 275cc silicone gel moderate plus profile implant. The different implant sizes gave her breasts a balanced and natural look. After 3 months she turned out to be healing very well with a minor tight feeling, but no complications. A year follow up was made.