Breast Implant Removal & Breast Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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This 41 year old mother of two had had breast implants in14 years prior to visiting the clinic. She has a small chest wall and had large hanging breasts that she felt were no longer attractive. Dr. Weinberg explained to the patient that she had the option of removing the old implants along with the capsule of scar tissue that had formed around them, and having a bilateral breast lift, which would raise the nipple to a more aesthetically pleasing position, higher on the chest wall, or she could opt to replace the implants, along with the breast lift. The patient no longer wanted large breasts, and opted to go smaller. She underwent bilateral capsulotomy and implant removal, followed by a mastopexy, or breast lift. Post operatively she is still a generous B cup size, with a much less pendulous, higher sitting breast. Her “lolly pop” scars will fade considerably over time and will be partially concealed on the underside of the breast.