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Orthognathic surgery corrects conditions of the jaw and face that can’t be easily treated with braces. Bones may be cut and repositioned, held in place with screws or plates. This procedure is sometimes used in cleft lip and palate repairsLEARN MORE ›

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For the last 31 years of my life I have suffered from a cross bite and open bite...after searching for doctors I finally came across an amazing Doctor in Mission Viejo, Ca...he was so charming and intelligent I knew he was going to be my surgeon..after a year of braces treatment on 4/4/2016 I... READ MORE

Getting jaw surgery was one of the easiest decision I ever made. I am usually very indecisive, but for some reason I knew that I wanted this. I was just turning 16 when I had it done, and I have never felt even an ounce of regret or concern. I was only majorly swollen for about 2 weeks, and... READ MORE

I have always been unhappy with my appearance to such a degree that I would say it has seriously impacted on my life. My mouth closes at rest but only for a few seconds before it starts to ache. I have a very long face and no top lip. Throughout my life I have had hideous comments said to me... READ MORE

Hi all, I've had a asymmetric malocclusion that started to develop after I finished braces in High School. This was about a little over a decade ago. I've had brace work again to try to straighten things up but it's just getting worse and worse. I've seen a local oral surgeon who says he can... READ MORE

It's been such a terrible ordeal and I am still recovering from the emotional turmoils due to my disfigured face from the hands of South Korean ID Hospital, Sang-Hoon Park (or his shadow doctor). I am in living in emotional hell. Where do I start? I've been putting off doing this review because... READ MORE

I am 48 years old. I had braces put on my teeth about 15 months prior to the surgery and knew I would have to have double jaw surgery. No research I did could have prepared me for what I went through. Nothing prepared me for feeling like I couldn't breathe after surgery and being surrounded... READ MORE

I was first referred to a dental hospital when I was about 14. But my story started back at primary school, when my milk teeth started to fall out and my "adult" teeth came through. A school dentist came in when I was about 7. I always remember she did a plaque test with a little red tablet in... READ MORE

I've known since the age of 14 that I've needed jaw surgery. I was bullied by several boys starting at age 11. My parents sent me to an orthodontist but they couldn't afford jaw surgery so nothing was ever done. Since then I've had headaches, jaw, neck and tooth pain as well as teeth wearing... READ MORE

24 y/o woman wondering if I should get two jaw/ lower jaw reduction? I had braces as a teenager. My bite has been corrected but I have a lantern jaw. My midface is very flat but lower jaw is massive. Would you recommend jaw surgery considering the cost and potential side effects? Years ago, my... READ MORE

Hello, I live in Romania and I was schedule to have the surgery here, but this doctors just postponed me until they rejected me. After I will make the surgery I will sue them. I want to know the cost of this surgery in other countries like: UK, Hungary and anywhere in Europe. Please give me... READ MORE

I had an 8-9mm overjet, 4mm overbite, gummy smile, and receded lower jaw. I waited until I was in my 20's and started having joint discomfort and teeth were wearing to the point of requiring full restoration. I had double jaw surgery with Kaiser in 2014, and it went terribly wrong and required... READ MORE

I don't know what sort of bite I have. I'm going to say it's a very severe case of an open bite, simply because it's not an overbite nor underbite and my orthodontist told me it's a class 3 malocclusion. I've had my braces for exactly 2 years & 2 months and I'm so excited I finally have a... READ MORE

I had double jaw surgery and genioplasty just over 4 weeks ago and the results have been absolutely devastating. I had a SARPE (palatal expansion) two years ago that went fine so my surgeon assured my the risks with this surgery would also be low. My surgery ended up taking 12 hours, I needed... READ MORE

Like others on this site, I joined out of the curiosity factor to learn more about my upcoming jaw surgery and did not plan on providing my own story. However, I've learned so much over the past few months that I hope my journey will help others, in addition to hopefully learning more myself as... READ MORE

Two years ago I went to see an orthodontist to get braces. I knew I had an upper bite thanks to my dad's dna...but still I was very surprised when the orthodontist told me the problem was my lower jaw. Since then I've been through the whole NHS circus and was approved for surgery 19 months ago.... READ MORE

Hi everybody! I had braces as long as I can remember. The orthodontist did everything to fix my underbite without surgery. I got my braces off 1 year ago but I don't know if I am happy with the results or not. I am 20 years old. My teeth are ok and nobody ever did recognize that I have an... READ MORE

Here goes, have had a a long chin and disproportionately aligned jaws all my life. Have hated it ,and I mean hated it all my life. Only those reading this in my position would understand, and I know there r lots of us out there. Why now u might ask? Just looked at it on internet last year and... READ MORE

. I just got braces a few months ago. I have a 6mm underbite. And they are talking about doing a double jaw. Moving 3mm forward on upper and 3mm backward on lower. While the main reason I am doing this is for practical reasons like eating and chewing. Also of course concerned about looks. Will... READ MORE

It all started with a Google search term "Lower jaw forward" after taking several photos and wondering why my face appeared weird. I've had an underbite (mandibular prognathism) since my teenage years but didn't notice until my early 20s. Friends occasionally made (and still make) funny remarks... READ MORE

Hello, sorry for my poor English. I decided to start my journey on jaw surgery last May 2014. I worked hard to save for my braces and to pay all the x-rays needed. I've done a little bit of research before about jaw surgery so I wasn't surprised when my Ortho told me that my gummy smile is due... READ MORE

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How much does Orthognathic Surgery cost?

The typical cost for Orthognathic Surgery ranges from $1,725-$50,000 with an average cost of $19,700. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 76 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more