Orthognathic Surgery

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Orthognathic surgery corrects conditions of the jaw and face that can’t be easily treated with braces. Bones may be cut and repositioned, and held in place with screws or plates. This procedure is sometimes used in cleft lip and palate repairsLEARN MORE ›

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33 Year Old Woman with 7mm Overbite

Hello all, my name is Melodie and I have my surgery date scheduled....finally! I'm a 33 year old Mother of one. I've been waiting for this surgery since I was 21 years old but haven't had the money or insurance to do so. I'm excited for this journey and even with reading the scary stories with... READ MORE

Gummy Smile and Weak Chin - Jaw Surgery

Hey Real Selfers, I am 30 years old and in my third round of braces. My first round was when I was 12 yrs old and then again at 18yrs because they relapsed. My orthodontist told me around 18 years old at the second round of braces that I could do jaw surgery if I wanted to, but that it would... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery - Chin Too Long?

I was born with clef palate and I always had problemas with my teeth. When I was a teenager, I notice that my jaw become more pronounce. When I was 23 I had an appointment with the best surgeon in my country in maxillofacial disfunctions . He told me that my upper jaw should be moved forward, as... READ MORE

56 and Finally Getting Double Jaw Surgery! - Seattle, WA

I've known since the age of 14 that I've needed jaw surgery. I was bullied by several boys starting at age 11. My parents sent me to an orthodontist but they couldn't afford jaw surgery so nothing was ever done. Since then I've had headaches, jaw, neck and tooth pain as well as teeth wearing... READ MORE

4 Days Post Op Upper Jaw Only

Ive been in braces for 2 years now and I had surgery 4 days ago. Surgeon said I only needed upper jaw because my bite fit perfect with it just moved forward and down a little. I always had issues with my upper teeth not showing but what made me start this journey was a tmj issue along with a... READ MORE

Maxilla Expansion Surgery + Sliding Genioplasty? - Australia

I have mid-face deficiency, and I want to have maxilla expansion surgery asap to fix this and to provide me with more cheek projection. I'm am also hoping this will fix some of the asymmetry in my face, provide more support for my eyes and lips and balance out my features and improve my side... READ MORE

25/26 yr old girl - England - Double Jaw Surgery (Overbite) and Genioplasty. Bradford, Yorkshire

I am 25 years old and have started the process of orthognathic treatment in preparation for surgery in the UK - I am not sure if they do it any different to the USA? I have got my braces on and I am due to have my upper and lower jaws broken in just over a years time. I am absolutely terrified... READ MORE

Double jaw surgery asymmetry Calgary, AB

Hi everyone, i had braces when i was 13 for 6 years in Mexico. The treatment wasn't finished so i told him to take it off. At the time i had a crooked teeth and open bite. Now im 27 years old and i knew i have a asymmetrical facial bone which mean one sideis bigger than the other one, of course... READ MORE

sarpe / same / upper jaw expansion - Melbourne, AU

Initially I went to an ortho and just wanted braces, they said it would be difficult because of my tiny top jaw, I would either need a lot of extractions, or an upper jaw expansion. I opted for the expansion, because even though it was more expensive I figured the longterm benefit would outweigh... READ MORE

Orthognathic Surgery Lower Jaw Advancement with Genioplasty

I am actually scheduled to go into surgery today! My orthodontist and surgeons have been working really hard to make sure everything goes perfect. I am nervous and excited. I will post some pre-op photos of my jaw and lips relaxed (although in at least 15 years I have never taken such photo... READ MORE

Double Jaw Sugery with Dr. Jefferey Caputo - Mission Viejo, CA

For the last 31 years of my life I have suffered from a cross bite and open bite...after searching for doctors I finally came across an amazing Doctor in Mission Viejo, Ca...he was so charming and intelligent I knew he was going to be my surgeon..after a year of braces treatment on 4/4/2016 I... READ MORE

Journey Not over Yet, but So Happy I Did This - Melbourne, AU

I decided to have jaw surgery around 18 months ago when I saw an orthodontist to see if I was a candidate for it. He agreed that I was and referred me to a surgeon who would work closely with him to get my bite where it should be. My motivation for getting the surgery was my appearance. I had... READ MORE

Orthognatic No-Tie Two-Jaw; Malar Cheek Zygoma Reduction; and Mandible V-line Reduction - South Korea

I Went to South Korea in the spring of 2014 and received the following procedures at ID HOSPITAL: -Orthognatic "2-Jaw" surgery; -Mandible "V-line" surgery; -Malar Cheek Zygoma reduction surgery; -Upper eyelids ptosis Repair; and -V3 Lifting (threadlift). April 9, 2014, was the day of my... READ MORE

Bad Decision Need Advice

Was quite a long story and i think i just made a bad decision that might had impacted my life from a perspective. To start off, i'm not a native english speaker, sorry my lackluster english but i try to make it clear and understandable. I'm a 18 male with an underbite that have just started my... READ MORE

Double Jaw Surgery, After Procrastinating for 15 Years... - Denver, CO

Like others on this site, I joined out of the curiosity factor to learn more about my upcoming jaw surgery and did not plan on providing my own story. However, I've learned so much over the past few months that I hope my journey will help others, in addition to hopefully learning more myself as... READ MORE

19 Year Old, Jaw and Chin Point Extension with Top-mid Section Upper Jaw Lowered

I first met Dr Watts when I transferred from a children hospital to a adult hospital system at the age of 18. We discussed the issues surrounding my health, the cause and problem that had arisen with my juvenile arthritis as I grew. During this time the urgency for surgery to be done on my jaw... READ MORE

27 Years Old. Overbite Correction.

I had my BSSO surgery exactly 2 weeks ago and decided that now is a good time to review it. The overall procedure and recovery went, at least so far, much better than expected. I was well prepared for the procedure and from what I read on other blogs or reviews, I had planned for at least a... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery - Charlotte, NC

Hey guys, I was diagnosed with an underbite. They told me that I would need jaw surgery, after 1-1/2 years of braces. I was told that I would need multiple extractions. So after 4 wisdom teeths and 2 molars, I finally got braces . Braces caused my uppers to move in to fill in my molars that I... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery & Recovery. Edina, MN

I am 25 years old. I had braces once when I was 12 for about a year just to fix crookedness. None of my childhood dentists/orthodontists mentioned anything unusual about my bite. They always told me I had a beautiful smile and that I was lucky to not have braces on for as long as most patients... READ MORE

Cross Bite Causing Chronic Pain, Interrupted Sleep and Issues with Self Confidence. Jaw Reconstruction - Santa Monica, CA

When I was 20 years old I found out I needed to have jaw reconstruction. I walked into an Oral surgeon's office at UCLA expecting to be consulted, and scheduled for surgery within a few months to fix all my problems. Of course, this is not at all what happened and my journey to relief was only... READ MORE

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