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How Much Swelling and Bruising Will I Get from Neck Liposuction and Lift?

I am scheduled for Neck lipo and Neck lift next week. How much swelling and brusing should I expect? How long will they last? READ MORE

I had a face lift, neck lift and top and bottom of eyes done. It's been two weeks and everywhere is still really bad. (Photo)

It is now two weeks and S you can see my face is really bad, when can I expect to return to work. The bruising, swelling and dis coloring is horrendous. READ MORE

Is numbness and tightness typical after after a lower face and neck lift? How long will this last?

I underwent neck lift surgery and a lower facelift 10 days ago. No feeling has returned to my neck above the Adam's Apple to below the jaw line. Lower... READ MORE

What can be done for bruising after lower neck and facelift?

I would like to know what can and should be done after surgery for bruising after a lower neck and face lift. READ MORE

Can I go ahead with my surgery after taking pre op meds?

I forgot myself and took pepto bismol last night. My mini face lift, neck lift and lip lift appreciate scheduled in 19 days. i have not had any... READ MORE

Is my neck lift sagging already?? (photos)

I am almost 60 days post op from a lower face and neck lift, about a month ago I noticed that my neck was starting to look saggy! I realize that the... READ MORE

Platysmaplasty and lower lift -Swelling, ridges, bumps, bruising, scar very visible- 3 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I still have visible bruising near the eyes and in the lower cheeks (in front of ridges). There are noticeable bumps near my eyes and ridges on the... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for face/neck lift?

I would like to return to work as soon as possible so I am concerned about bruising and swelling. READ MORE

I'm 3 months post neck lift. Everything is still really tight, but the skin is red & often looks bruised. What can I do? (Photo)

My neck feels alien and like it will never be my own again. It looks pulled and distorted and very red. Also, the fat grafting to my cheeks is too... READ MORE

Second full day post-op after neck lift. Is this movement due to swelling?

I had neck/jowl liposuction and submental (down to mid-neck) and lateral plastysmaplasty. I was expecting to see a smooth neck immediately, but when I... READ MORE

Lump and bruising 7 months after midface and neck lifts. Any suggestions? (photos)

There is a lump (at the top of my neck under the chin), The lump resembled a cyst for the 1st 4 months post-op. After 2 steroid injections, the lump... READ MORE

Why is there a hole in my neck after revision neck lift? (Photo)

I went back to my surgeon to get revision surgery on my eyelid and neck. Why is there a hole by my ear, so much bruising and slice with skin folds on... READ MORE

I had a consultation for a cervicoplasty. Aqua cooling Pump for neck lift necessary for bruising, swelling? Estimate $5,500.

Renting an aqua cooling pump included. Cost $500 7 days. Incisions are made behind the ears (W-plasty), and under chin for liposuction, loose skin is... READ MORE

Face continues to swell on day 4

I am having difficulty moving my neck . I have glands up from behind me ears going down my neck . My checks and jaw is now totally solid and blended... READ MORE

Day 9 Necklift and Platysmaplasty. My bruising won't heal. And, can you see improvement in my crooked smile?

Can anyone tell me why my bruising doesn't seem to be healing? Also I have mandibular nerve damage which has affected my smile since my surgery 9 days... READ MORE

Lump and recurring bruising 7 months after neck lift. Should I be concerned?

There is a 1/4 inch lump and nearby brusing on my neck 7 months after a midlift/necklift. Exercising was making the bruising worse so I have quit... READ MORE

8 weeks after face/neck lift and left side of face still feels like I might have great articular problems, advice?

The left side feels as though my ear is clogged, yet I can hear fine. It also feels like there is a clamp from the my ear to my jaw and that pulls at... READ MORE

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