230-249 Lbs + Mommy Makeover

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Should I Get a Mommy Makeover or the Lap Band? Any Opinions Will Help!

My weight is 230-240 im 5'4, im okay with my body is just my stomach area and back rolls that i hate...I have 3 children all c-sections and im... READ MORE

I'm a 6'1, 27 Year Old, Female Who Weights 232 Lbs After Losing 73lbs. Is a Mommy Makeover Unrealistic?

I'm a 6'1, 27 year old, female who weights 232 lbs. The majority of my weight is hanging on my abdomen and sides. I do cardio almost everyday... READ MORE

Is Extended Tummy Tuck the Best Way to Go? (photo)

I lost a lot of weight (from morbidly obese 2 anorexic in 6 weeks) 20 years ago. I have tried two lipos and didn't help much but to make my stomach... READ MORE

160 Lb Weight loss has resulted in lots of loose skin all over.. Can this be corrected now? (photos)

Hello I have lost 160lbs. I would like to have an arm lift, breast lift with implants, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. I am currently 248 lbs... READ MORE

How much weight should I lose before even considering setting a surgery date for Mommy Makeover?

I'm 5'5 241.6lbs (just weighed myself). I am considering having a mommy makeover done and for sure want a BBL performed. I want to be realistic in my... READ MORE

To get a mommy makeover what is the recommended weight or BMI for someone 33 years old and 5'8''?

I would like to get a TT, Lipo, BBL, and BA, is this realistic or too many surgeries? I am 5'8'' and 230 lbs, I know I need to lose weight but what is... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for LIPO (sides, flank, back, tummy) fat grafting to hip and butt, BBL, TT? (Photo)

Researching for over a year ... LIPO , TT , BBL and hips ... Can I do these all at once ... I'm 43yrs old , 245lbs , 5:7in tall ... Very loose fat all... READ MORE

Mommy makeover at 34 years old, 240 pounds, 5'8" (Photo)

I love being a plus size lady. I just need to get my sexy back. I am 34 years old 240 pounds and 5'8. I read a lot of doctors want you to lose weight... READ MORE

How Would I Look After I Have One Kid After a Mommy Makeover?

Hi am 38 yo and my wieght is 234 ,i have no kids but i will love to have one.i have a lot of loose skin and streach marks almost all over me . am so... READ MORE

33, 1 child, 230 lbs: Am I good candidate for mommy makeover? (Photo)

Hello, I've been on a constant diet for a year I lost so far 25lbs. I have some problem areas like my stomach, thighs, knees and calves. I am also... READ MORE

I'm 5'9 and 230 lbs. Am I a good candidate for Mommy Makeover (TT, lipo to thighs, BL + implants)? (photos)

I already have my MM scheduled, but I'm starting to worry about what the result will be like. I've always been overweight, and don't imagine I'll ever... READ MORE

Is a Mommy Makeover possible at my size of 5'8" and 240lbs? If not, how much do I need to lose to make it possible? (Photo)

I am 44 years old with three older children, two born by C-section which stretched my abdominal skin tremendously. I've maintained 230-240 weight for... READ MORE

I Want a Tummy Tuck?

I have.stubborn belly fat I weigh 240 pounds I want to get a tummy tuck and my boobs lifted and.toned is it safe.to do and.what's the cost? READ MORE

Would I be good a candidate for a tummy tuck, lipo and breast implants? (Photo)

I am a 38yr female. I'm 5'9" and currently weigh 236lbs. I have a lot of muscle as used to weight train before injuring my leg. I'm looking to have a... READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck, breast reduction and Brazillan but lift be done at the same time along with hernia repair? (Photo)

I weight 230 and I am 5'10. Is it hard to find a PS to take insurance for breast reduction and hernia repair? The tummy tuck part I know I would be... READ MORE

I'm new in my research and have so many questions so please bare with me! I believe I may need a reduction and tuck? (Photo)

I'm currently a size 18 and a 40G African American at 5'7 240. I've already lost a little over 30 pounds and am looking to lose another 60 within a... READ MORE

Does the cost affected by how big you are and how much saggy skin you have? And does the cost include everything? (Photo)

23 and 2 kids. (Big babbies) so i have a lot of extra and saggy skin. I weighed 230 at the end of my second pregnancy. Idk how much i weigh now. I... READ MORE

Interviewing doctors. Suggestions for procedures based on photos? (photos)

I am a 46. I had two (L&R inguinal) hernias in my teens that left me with a scar from left to right hips. I had a 10lb 4 oz baby 25 years ago. I am... READ MORE

Will a tummy tuck and breast lift fix the excess fat rolls? (Photos)

I'm 23 years old, 5'4. I was 306 pounds I've lost weight and now weight about 230 pounds. I've had 3 babies. After I've lost weight, I've noticed the... READ MORE

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