Yellow + Mole Removal

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I Have Had Moles Removed Just over a Aweek Ago I Have Noticed Merkyness on Them is This Infection?

Ellman removal of keeping moist but fear they are becoming yellowish. Should I take antibiotics? READ MORE

Infection signs after mole removal. Normal or not? (photo)

I had a mole removed 5 days ago and it has become increasingly red around the edges and is now yellowish white and releasing pus. I have washed with... READ MORE

Why is my skin yellow around my stitches?

I had a mole removed three days ago. I'm using white petroleum and had 8 stitches on the top layer and they cauterized and sewed the under layer as... READ MORE

Mole Excision On Nose now has an indented hole little bumps around the hole, what should I do? (Photos)

I had a mole excision on 4/12/17. The mole was removed from right side of nose.MY plastic surgeon did a vertical excision. On day 3 it appeared the... READ MORE

Does this look infected and if so, what do I do? (Photo)

My daughter had a mole removed from her back on Wednesday. We have been cleaning it with warm water twice a day, allowing it to air dry and putting... READ MORE

Is my mole infected? (photo)

They didn't fully remove the mole I'm pretty sure they just took the root of it out. But it's starting to turn yellow, I apply ointment to it I just... READ MORE

I had a pretty decent size mole removed Friday, yellow stuff coming out. Is it normal? (Photo)

I am now on day 4 after my mole removal. It's now Tuesday night and I just got back from the urgent care center (which is horrible here). They told me... READ MORE

Is my incision badly infected after mole removal? (photos)

So 3 days ago I had 2 moles removed from my face, on the one i don't feel any pain and it's dry, however, the other one is a little bit painful and... READ MORE

Is it normal for my mole removal to look the way it does?

I had a mole removal 5 days ago, shaved and cauterised and a white /yellow layer of skin keeps forming over the top however whenever I clean it it's... READ MORE

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