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Mole Removal Under Eye? (photo)

I have a mole about 1 inch below my right eye. I went to my dermatologist and she told me stitching it up would be the best choice as it would not... READ MORE

White Mole Under my Eye? Suggestions? (photo)

I have a white small mole just under my eye. Suggest any remedies. What type of treatment should I take, i.e affordable, without pain nd complications. READ MORE

What's the best way to remove a mole I have under my left eye? (photo)

I've had it since I was 4, my family doc told me it was non-cancerous. It has the circumference of approx a pencil eraser, maybe slightly larger. It... READ MORE

Is it safe to use home remedies for mole removal under my eye? (photo)

I have a mole under my eye the size of a pencil eraser and it's pretty dark and I hate it what can do to remove it? Is it safe to use home remedies?... READ MORE

Should I remove a mole on my waterline? (photo)

I have a mole on my waterline. When I touch it, it feels slightly raised. I've had this mile since I was little though. Should I go get it checked... READ MORE

Is this normal after my mole removal? (photos)

I had a cluster of 3 dark raised moles under my eyes and went to dermatologist to get them removed. I believe the Dr. used an electrocautery pen and I... READ MORE

Just removed stitches after mole excision. If I apply sunscreen & makeup over scar gel, can I use cleansing oil/soap to remove?

Surgical line - 1.5cm Mole located under my eye, near the bridge of my nose Is it okay for my scar? READ MORE

How can I remove a mole? (Photo)

I have a mole right under my eye. It's pretty dark and the size of a pencil eraser. I was wondering is it safe to use mole removing products? How can... READ MORE

I have a mole under my right eye in my bottom eyelash zone. Is it possible for me to remove it? Who should I visit? (Photo)

I am 14 and the earliest evidence of me having this mole was my pre school picture when i was 5. I live in Sydney,Aus and i am wondering if its... READ MORE

How do I remove a flat mole under my eye? (Photo)

It's a very small, but very dark flat mole under my eye that I've had since childhood. It's also very close to my eye. What's the best way to remove it? READ MORE

Mole removal advice please? (photo)

I am 16 years old and I have had this mole about 1cm under my eye/ next to my nose for about 10 years. It is slightly raised and approximately 1cm in... READ MORE

Freckles under eyes and on eyelids?

Despite using sunblock and wearing sun glasses, I have tons of freckles under my eyes (and some on my lids). What are some options to get rid of them?... READ MORE

Can this mole be removed by laser? (Photo)

I have a mole under my eye which i want to remove, i want to know if it can be removed by laser and if it is gonna leave a bad scar. READ MORE

Can I get this mole removed from under my eye? (Photo)

I have this mole under my right eye and i was wondering if it was pissible to get it removed . READ MORE

what is the best way to have my unusually situated facial mole removed to leave the least scarring? (photos)

I have a small, protruding, circular mole on the bottom of my left eyelid that I have hated my whole life, I want to get it removed but am worried... READ MORE

I had a mole shaved off from right under my left eye near the orbital socket and the scar is awful! Can it be improved?

At first it healed nicely and just small amounts of pigment returned, but it has become raised and bumpy. Will excising the scar tissue and left over... READ MORE

What type of skin growth is under my eye, and what's the best and most inexpensive way to have it removed? (photo)

Is it an elevated mole or skin tag or something else? It appeared in the last 2 yrs. It won't pop, and nothing comes out if i pinch it. I have... READ MORE

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