Shoulder + Mole Removal

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Skin Around Mole Doesn't Tan. Should I Be Concerned?

I'm a 28 year old female mother of 4. Very active and healthy. I have moles all over my body some that are raised and most that are more like... READ MORE

I had a mole on my shoulder shaved off a week ago now I think the spot might be infected. What can I do? (Photo)

The nurse told me to keep the area covered with a band aid and Vaseline for 4 days I did that and now 2 days later after not being covered the spot is... READ MORE

Concerns After Mole Removal? Non-malignant

I had a mole removed from my shoulder a few (3-4) months ago because of concerns about skin cancer. Originally it healed into a slightly sunken... READ MORE

Should I worry about a hard, large, pink bump on my back from where I recently had a mole removed? (Photo)

Almost a year ago I had a large mole removed from my shoulder blade with a scalpel by a dermatologist. For a while the spot was a big divet in my back... READ MORE

What can be done about a bad scar that was left after mole was cut out? (Photo)

A few years ago I had a dermatologist' assistant remove a mole that was on the very upper part of my shoulder. The mole was the size of a pea and... READ MORE

Mole growing in size and changing colour. Should I be worried? (photos)

I have a mole on my shoulder ever since I can remember. But in the past month it has grown in size and changed colour.I'm 18, have blonde hair, fair... READ MORE

Is this normal? Infection? (photos)

I got 4 moles removed about 4 days ago. He numbed the mole with an injection then shaved it off. He then put silver nitrate on them and some... READ MORE

What are the options for getting this "mole" removed from my shoulder? (photos)

I've had this spot since early childhood and I had two consults many years ago about getting it removed but nothing sounded promising. Can it be laser... READ MORE

Swollen mole. Should I be concerned?

I have a flat mole on the back of my shoulder , after i used voltaren gel it became swollen in most of its area , should i be concerned ? READ MORE

What do these spots look like? Should I be concerned? (photo)

The spots are around 4 cm in size. They don't itch or hurt. READ MORE

Is this a mole or cancerous? (Photo)

I have had this mole like blemish on the back of my shoulders for years. What would a professional consider this to resemble the most? READ MORE

Does this mole look bad? (Photo)

It is in my shoulder and it seems to be quite swollen. I am concerned and not sure if it looks so bad that I need to get it checked.. READ MORE

I had a mole removed last week on my shoulder, how do I tell if my stitches are infected? (photo)

Last week I had a mole removed on my right shoulder to test for malenoma skin cancer. My doctor told me to keep it covered and apply vasaline to it... READ MORE

I had a mole/medically known as dermatofibroma removed from my shoulder blade. I need to know my status clinically? (photo)

My question is, is the wound supposed to look like that? is the wound recovering? If it is healing, how will I know? If it’s not healing what should I... READ MORE

Is this mole a cause for concern? (photo)

I have a mole On my shoulder I've had all my life, it has always been flat and around 5mm in diameter, over the last 2 week's it has raised around... READ MORE

Best way to avoid keloid after semi-large mole removed from shoulder?

I had a large (8x9mm) mostly flat mole removed on the back of my shoulder, but the shaving method. My derm told me it could be at a high risk for a... READ MORE

Why is my scar tissue swelling? (Photo)

I had a mole on my right shoulder removed a few months ago. I haven't gotten the biopsy back yet but my scar that was left after the surgery sometimes... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove my flat mole on the shoulder with minimal scarring? (photos)

I really want to get this mole removed as I've hated it and I never wear tank tops outside or something like that so as not to show it as people make... READ MORE

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