Bandage + Mole Removal

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I had a biopsy of mole removed on my right buttock. Why do I have drainage? (photos)

Now 2 weeks later there little drainage on bandage an it smells. I Cover it with bandage & vasline 2daily. Why is this? Could it be because its not... READ MORE

Skin around mole itchy and red. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got this mole removed from my abdomen about two weeks ago. I have been keeping it clean, putting neosporin on it and keeping it covered so it won't... READ MORE

I had a mole on my shoulder shaved off a week ago now I think the spot might be infected. What can I do? (Photo)

The nurse told me to keep the area covered with a band aid and Vaseline for 4 days I did that and now 2 days later after not being covered the spot is... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About Scarring or Darkening of Mole Area? (photo)

I had a bandage on two moles for a week and removed the bandage for about 2-3 days of sun exposure. I read that I need to protect them from the sun... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about my mole removal bruising? (Photo)

A dermatologist recently removed a large portion of a possible cancerous mole on my thigh. As I was changing the bandage to follow up with the proper... READ MORE

Mole removal wound.. how to cover it?

Hi i just removed a mole with the laser and the scar its quiet big .. am i allowed to use spray bandage to cover it with make up or not? READ MORE

Is this infection or just healing skin? (Photo)

I had a mole removed 4 days ago. I've kept petroleum jelly on it and covered with a bandage (there is irritation around the spot from all the band... READ MORE

What is the best method in caring for mole excision on chin after stitches are removed to minimize scarring?

I had a mole on my chin excised on Monday. I received both internal and external stitches. The external stitches were removed Friday, and the wound... READ MORE

7 days post op mole removal on my stomach and I'm not expecting it to be anytime soon when will it be okay to use soaps? (photo)

- scented soaps and bubble baths again. The photo posted was taken the day I had it removed and the marks are from the bandaid that was used to cover it. READ MORE

I had a mole removed yesterday by bandage. Will I be left with a big scar on my forehead? (Photo)

Hello everyone, I had my mole removed by a Dermatologist yesterday. It has been one day and I removed my bandage. The stitches are much bigger and... READ MORE

I had a mole removed and it's seeping and hurting. Should I keep it covered?

It's was a flatter mole under my left breast.The first week and a half I had been putting carmex and a bandage on it. Until I see my Dr. should I go... READ MORE

Laser mole removal post-care. Any suggestions?

I had few moles lasered off and now I have a question about the post care. I didn't touch the wounds for first day because the doctor told me to leave... READ MORE

Mole removed on lower buttocks is still very painful 5 days post, is this normal?

I had a mole removed and was chemically cauterized five days ago but where it was located it is almost imposdible to not sit on. Its still very... READ MORE

How long after mole removal can I wear makeup? (photo)

I had a mole shaved on Wed. the 12th. They told me to keep it covered with a bandage for 5 days. I did that, changing the bandage and putting ointment... READ MORE

Mole removal infection, bandage coverage. Do I let dry, leave bandage off a bit at home or cover fully? Is it infected? (Photo)

Dr said keep moist if I recall. Paper gave said use polysporin. Wanting 4 side bandaid 'cause shaved off n wound open. Mother being RN, says should... READ MORE

Keep a shaved mole area covered or is it OK to uncover it after 4 days? (photos)

I had a mole removed on Thursday, December 17, 2015 and I was told by my doctor to keep it covered until the scab falls off. Well it's been a little... READ MORE

Should I change the bandage? (Photo)

I have had a melanoma mole removed. This is the follow up and I'm not sure if I am suppose to redress the wound. The nurse gave me more dressings... READ MORE

Dark bruising around mole removal; is it infected? (Photos)

Hi, I had a mole removed earlier wide excision I believe was the term used. Anyway, I haven't removed the whole bandage yet but the area around where... READ MORE

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