4 Months Post-op + Mole Removal

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How Long After the Mole is Removed Can I Wear Some Concealer or Make Up?

I had moles removed 4 months ago by a laser surgery, then I had scabs which fell off after 2 weeks following the surgery. Now I have scars, red and... READ MORE

Concerns After Mole Removal? Non-malignant

I had a mole removed from my shoulder a few (3-4) months ago because of concerns about skin cancer. Originally it healed into a slightly sunken... READ MORE

Mole removals gone horribly wrong, what options do I have?

I'm a 33 year old male in Dallas. My whole life I've had a lot of moles on my back. Its really bothered me so I finally decided to do something about... READ MORE

3-4 months post op, it is still fairly red. Is this normal? (photos)

I had small mole removed on my leg this past early March, the biopsy came back normal. . It is still fairly red, is this normal healing? Will the I... READ MORE

I had a mole removed four months ago and have a bad scar, what can I do to improve the appearance? (photos)

My mole was raised and red but small. The PA said she could remove it and her nurse explained to me that in one month I'd have a flat slightly pink... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a part of a Mole Removal stitch that is permanent and pokes out of the skin?

Hello, I had a mole removed from my nose almost 4 months ago. My surgeon used permanent stitches to internally close the wound and now a part of a... READ MORE

Is it normal for a shave biopsy to look like this after 4 months? (Photo)

The mole came back as beign. Bottom picture is 2 months after biopsy (it started itching, which made me take a photo) middle 3 months and top is the... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel muscular pain randomly from an almost 4-month old linear (birthmark) mole excision scar on thigh? (Photo)

I am a early 20's female, full time college student, part time fast food crew member. I have sudden shooting to a dull burning pain that occurs in the... READ MORE

Do I have reason to be alarmed from these dark spots of pigment that have showed up after my shave biopsy of a mole? (Photo)

So I had a mole removed about 4 months ago, and there seems to be some recurrence of dark spots of pigmentation. I'm nervous because the (shave)... READ MORE

How can I get rid of scars after mole laser removal? (Photo)

4 months ago i went to remove some flat moles from my legs with laser removal but they transformed into red scars.How can i get rid of them? READ MORE

What can I do to improve these scarrs from suspicious moles? (photos)

I had some suspicious moles removed from my upper legs on may 2017. They were shaved off the one from my back is doing great, almost the same color as... READ MORE

Is this an infected hypertrophic scar, or a cyst? (Photo)

I had plastic surgery to get a mole removed on my face about 4-5 months ago and 2 days ago i noticed a lump under the scar. its only at the top half,... READ MORE

Mole removal performed by a plastic surgeon and it has left a nasty scar. What is the best possible treatment/s? (Photos)

I had a small mole removal done on my cheek for mainly cosmetic reasons on 5 October 2016. The scar it has left behind is disfiguring and embarrassing... READ MORE

Pain months after mole removed?

I got two moles removed 4-6 months ago and it was done by a plastic surgeon so I had stitches on the outside and inside. Ever since I got them remover... READ MORE

Moles removed and the wounds opened up after the stitches came out. They have healed open. How can this be resolved? (photo)

I had two moles (benign) removed by a doctor in January 2017. Seven days after the moles were removed the stitches came out and a few days later the... READ MORE

Will a surgical excision be the best option to remove this mole?

Mole was removed 4 months ago by the shave method. It grew back wider and larger than the original. Path report was benign. Why is it larger? Will the... READ MORE

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