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What is the Cost for miraDry Procedure and is It Covered by Insurance

What is the Cost for Miradry Procedure and is It Covered by Insurance READ MORE

MiraDry Laser for Hands and Feet?

I see the MiraDry advertised for the underarms, will it ever be available for the hands and feet? Why wouldn't it work there too? READ MORE

What Treatments Are Available for Excessive Sweating?

I am a heavy sweater and it is very embarrassing to me, mainly during exercise. It is to the point of where it gains negative attention. I like the... READ MORE

Will Miradry Increase my Risk of Cancer?

I am 31 years old and have had axillary hyperhidrosis since the age of 13. I have used CertainDri (which sometimes works, but causes intense burning... READ MORE

Miradry: Is it really possible to not have to wear deodorant anymore for health reasons. How Much Does Miradry Cost?

Miradry, is it possible to not have to wear deodorant anymore for health reasons. How much does it typically run? READ MORE

What Should One Expect Immediately After Doing miraDry? Ok to Go Back to Work?

Would it be best if one scheduled the rest of the day off, or should it be ok to go right back to work after? READ MORE

Why Do I Have Bad Sweat Breakouts After 2nd MiraDry Treatment?

I know that after receiving the first or second MiraDry treatment that sweating will not completely go away. however, after my second treatment in... READ MORE

Will Miradry Successfully Treat Severe Compensatory Sweating Caused by ETS?

I'm a 30 year old female and I've had ETS done in 1999 for palmar hyperhidrosis. Now my hands and face don't sweat, but literally every other part of... READ MORE

Is MiraDry Really a Safe Treatment for Hyperhidrosis?

Will the microwave energy in the MiraDry system destroy the fat as well as the eccrine glands, leaving one with "crepey" loose skin in the... READ MORE

Does Miradry Help with Odor?

Does Miradry help with odor?  READ MORE

Does miraDry Hurt?

I read an article where the guy who had Miradry done said it was quite uncomfortable. Is this normal? READ MORE

Miradry for Severe Bromhidrosis?

I have severe Bromhidrosis and I do not have Hyperhidrosis. I been having this condition since I was 12. So far Secret Clinical Strength deodrant... READ MORE

How Do You Know if a Nerve Was Hit During the Miradry Procedure?

If someone had Miradry performed 3 days ago and still has some numbness in both pits. However, the inside of the left arm from the pit through to the... READ MORE

Do a Person Need to Shave their Armpits Before Getting a miraDry Treatment?

For a guy, the thought of shaving his armpits seems odd. Is this something he need to do before the appointment, or is it not an issue? READ MORE

Is a Single MiraDry Treatment Enough to Provide Permanent Sweat Reduction?

I underwent the MiraDry procedure 2 months ago, & now I'm seeing some of my ability to sweat return to the treated area. The company (Miramar... READ MORE

How Does MiraDry Compare to Botox Cost Wise?

MiraDry is suppose to last longer than Botox injections for sweating, but  how much it should cost, roughly, for the two necessary treatments? READ MORE

Can Miradry Develop Compensatory Sweating or Increasing Sweating in Others Parts of the Body ?

Can Miradry Develop Compensatory Sweating or Increasing Sweating in Others Parts of the Body ? READ MORE

Why Would Miradry Only Last Two Years?

If the sweat glands are destroyed and cannot regenerate, than why do studies show the results only lasting about two years? READ MORE

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