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Swelling After Mini Facelift with Fat Transfer

I am 7 weeks post op mini facelift with fat transfer to the cheeks. my incisions, though healed, throb all day. the pulling and pressure in front of... READ MORE

Mini Lift Swelling

Hi, I am 46. I had a "Mini Facelift" done Wednesday to lift my sagging jowls. The next day I found that the right side of may face had swelled up into... READ MORE

Excessive Muscle Tension After Mini Facelift

14 weeks post op mini facelift. am in so much pain and discomfort. i feel as if i'm in constant traction. the tension on my masseter, temporal,... READ MORE

Am I over pulled? Mini lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, neck lift, forehead lift and fat transfer to check lip (Photo)

I am post 10 days. Although I understand that there is still tremendous amount of swelling: I feel over pulled. My cheeks are so tight and I feel like... READ MORE

I Have Swelling in Front of Both Ears After a Minilift Almost 2 Years Ago. I Also Have Knots at the Bottom of Both Ears? (photo)

I Have Swelling in Front of Both Ears After a Minilift Almost 2 Years Ago. I Also Have Knots at the Bottom of Both Ears. The color of the skin in... READ MORE

Pain/Swelling Pinna 2.5 Yrs Post Mini Lift?

Had mini-life 2.5 yrs ago. Immed after procedure had pain/swelling/numbness left ear. Didn't improve over considerable time. Time, massage,... READ MORE

Face Lift Postoperative Complications?

I had a Mini face lift & a chin implant replacement 6 weeks ago. 4 weeks after I had additional surgery because the implant shifted, that surgery... READ MORE

What tips do you recommend to help dissolve hematoma /remove bruises faster?

Thank you to all doctors who responded to my previous question. I am at 3 week post op now ( I had mini face lift, lower eye surgery,with fat transfer... READ MORE

Can There Be Internal Swelling After Mini-lift with NO External Signs of Swelling?

Had a mini-lift 5 months ago. Usually for about 12 hours per day (8pm to 8am) I feel nearly normal but then very uncomfortable feelings of tightness... READ MORE

Will removing these sutures affect my mini facelift?

I'm three weeks post op mini facelift. I have had little swelling and minimal bruising. Today I noticed a clear suture (like a fishing line) coming... READ MORE

Pain/Swelling 2 yrs after mini-lift

Had mini-lift 2 years ago Dec.  Noticed an immediate difference in the discomfort level of the left ear.  Lower 1/3 of ear continues to... READ MORE

Is it normal after a mini face lift/neck lipo and stitches to have some blood seep out after I applied pressure to the area?

Yesterday, I had my stitches removed Day 8 Post Op. One side of my neck below my ear lobe has been more swollen and there is a red patch. The nurse... READ MORE

2 months post op Minilift, I have swelling in front of both ears which is not going away. What to do? Is this normal? (photo)

Scars are disappearing but i still have considerable swelling in front of my ears and that back jaw. The swelling went down steadily for the first... READ MORE

Can I hide a mini lift from my roommate?

Hi, I am considering having mini lift . I live with lot of room mate. good thing is my apt is small, we don't really see each other much.(sometimes we... READ MORE

When does the swelling and bruising go away after mini tummy tuck and thigh lipo?

I am getting a mini tummy tuck and possibly lipo on my inner and outer thighs (only small sections). The date of my surgery is Jan 27 and I am... READ MORE

Will my parotid gland swelling resolve itself? The swelling has gone down but still swollen. Why does my nose look weird?(photo)

Left side face still swelling during day as is my upper lip. The heat is making it worse. My nose from rhinoplasty looks totally out of whack. There... READ MORE

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