Excessive Muscle Tension After Mini Facelift

14 weeks post op mini facelift. am in so much pain and discomfort. i feel as if i'm in constant traction. the tension on my masseter, temporal, sternocleidomastoid, scalenes, and trapezius muscles is so great, i have to lay down and take anxiety/muscle relaxers several times a day just to get through the day. i'm constantly massaging and doing myofacia release, but each day of healing seems to wind me tighter. have i been over tightened? also, the internal sutures PDS II 4.0 have not begun to dissolve. if i massage that area, i get inflammation and swelling. HELP!

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Pain and tension after mini facelift

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Dear mini facelift patient,
Based on your descriptions of symptoms and muscle groups, the mini facelift might not be the cause of all the tensions. In some instances mal-rotation of neck vertebrae may cause pain and discomfort in these muscle groups. 14 weeks post mini facelift you may benefit from physical therapy of neck area. Good luck and good healing

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No, somethings not right.  You really shouldn't be having these types of symptoms and problems after a Minimum Face Lift AKA Mini Face Lift.  These minimum incision Face Lifts have really fast recovery due to the limited tissue dissection. 

You may want to consult with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your surgery to try and find an explanation for these symptoms....rule out an unusual reaction to the anesthesia based on altered muscle metabolism, TMJ dislocation or something else but what you are reporting is not at all normal or typical after this type of Face Lift.

Tension after a facelift

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You should not be having too much pain after a facelift. The pull that you are feeling sounds like sutures as you mentioned but PDS takes many weeks for its tensile strength to diminish and even longer to dissolve. You should probably speak with your surgeon.

Mini face lift

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on of the muscles you mentioned are involved in a miniface lift. The source of the "tension" you are experiencing is another cause.

See a soecialist in Myo-facial pain. Do not treat yourself

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Exessive muscle tension after a facelift

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It is doubtful that the muscle tension you are experiencing is a result of your minifacelift. The muscles you describe are now where near the surgical site. At 14 weeks any tightness has loosened. You can eliminate the minilift as a source of your discomfort.



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