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Abdominoplasty/Gynecomastia 6-7 Months Post-op, Unhappy WIth Results. Can I Get A Revision? (photo)

Due to weight loss I had Abdominoplasty/Gynecomastia surgery back in May 2011 from board certified doctor.Before surgery my doctor said he would make... READ MORE

Do I need gynecomastia revision? What can I do if my surgeon disagrees? How long until i can get surgery? (Photo)

I recently had surgery for my gynecomstia in both nipples removing breast tissue and using results are very disappointing in my... READ MORE

Unhappy with my gynecomastia + Lipo surgery. What are your thoughts? (Photo)

I had Lipo and gyno removal done three weeks ago. I am terribly disappointed with it I believe I needed way more Lipo. My close ones agree with me in... READ MORE

6 months severe gynecomastia case. Need advice. (Photo)

I did a severe gynecomastia surgery before 6 months ago. Remove gland and reduce nipple size. I am unhappy from the surgery result. You can see why... READ MORE

Not happy with the results after gynecomastia surgery (Photo)

I had my surgery 6 months ago but results are not good My chest is uneven Right side is bigger witha layer of fat and I feel as if I need more lipo... READ MORE

I'm 7 weeks post severe gynecomastia surgery, and I'm unhappy with the results. What can I do? (Photo)

I did a gynecomastia surgery in UK. My severe one stage surgery include reduce nipple size and lift it, gland excision, liposuction. I am unhappy with... READ MORE

Smoking And Gynecomastia Surgery. Is this why have I have swelling? (photo)

I had my gynecomastia srgry(gland+lypo) 1 and a half months ago.I never asked my doctor about smoking and continued.yestarday I hard that I should not... READ MORE

Post gynecomastia (14 weeks) - Unhappy, excision & very small amount of liposuction. What are my options? (Photo)

I had Gyno surgery 14 weeks ago and am very unhappy with the results. I would like to know am I being fair with my expectations? The surgeon performed... READ MORE

I had surgery for GYNECOMASTIA and I'm unhappy with the right side. Will I be able to get this sorted in a revision? (photo)

I was pretty lean when I had the gyno surgery. I gained 10 pounds or so in the year after. The left side remains fantastic but I have a fatty build up... READ MORE

Not satisfied with the surgery. Tell me if I'm wrong (Photo)

Hi this is 2 weeks after my surgery. Can still feel I have large chest. Is it the case or am I being too paranoid? Before pictures are also posted in... READ MORE

5 months post gynecomastia procedure, what needs to be done to correct puffy nipples? (photos)

I am currently 5 months post of from a male reduction procedure. I am 32 and I had surgery to correct puffy nipples that I had since I was 19. My... READ MORE

Unhappy with Gynecomastia Re-correction 6 weeks post op, will it improve or is this permanent? (photos)

I had a re-correction "after 5 years" ultrasonic liposuction 6 weeks ago but again started to see my right breast giving bad appearance after 2 weeks... READ MORE

5 months post op Pseudo gynecomastia. Any suggestions?

Hi Please could I have an opinion. I had lipo for pseudo gynacomastia 5months ago. I was unhappy with the result as there is no difference. I had my... READ MORE

Unhappy with male breast reduction result, will it improve with tummy tuck?

I had mastectomy 8 weeks ago and I'm unhappy with my result - is it typical? I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck in 2 months, my plastic surgeon told me... READ MORE

I had Gynecomastia surgery 1 week ago. After the removal of my patch I saw I wasn't satisfied with my surgery. What can I do?

Actually the thing is that left side nipple is done correctly but right side is slightly bulge.I think right side is done treated properly. I want to... READ MORE

Is this the best I should hope for? (Photos)

I had surgery in March 2016. I've been in shape most of my life up until 2 years ago. After the 1st surgery I was not satisfied with the results so Dr... READ MORE

Want more blood flow to my lost boobs to increase, would I also need a Fat Transfer? (photos)

I am a klinefelter Syndrome who had boobs reduction. Unhappy, lumps hard, but learning it's possible regrowth. Not concern about nippels... READ MORE

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