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Making Nipples Smaller For Men

When I went through puberty (23 now), I seemed to have suffered some gyno (I believe thats the correct term). My nipples are puffier and larger than... READ MORE

Puffy Nipples, Not Gynecomastia

I had a consult with a plastic surgeon yesterday and he said that the gland under my nipples is very small. And that evey man has a little bit of... READ MORE

Results from Gynecomastia Surgery After 6 Months - Puffy Nipples?

I got surgery for ginecomastia (gland+lipo) 6 months ago. From a month after the surgery my nipples started to get puffy again. It has been 6 month... READ MORE

Liposuction Without Excising Glandular Tissue for Gynecomastia?

I am not comfortable with excising glandular tissue through an incision. I have a small degree of enlargement and want to know if Liposuction alone... READ MORE

Normal After Gynocomastia To Have Hardness Under Nipple?

Hello, i had gyno surgery. i'm six weeks post op and on my right nipple there is a hardness directly under it and around it where hte tissue is... READ MORE

Dark Nipple After Gynecomastia and Areola Reduction Surgery?

I had gynecomastia and an areola reduction surgery 5 days ago. I feel fine with little pain and discomfort, but one of my nipples (right side) is... READ MORE

When Will Nipple Sensation Return After Lipo for Male Breast Reduction?

I had liposuction for male breast reduction 3 months ago. I had liposuction for the treatment of gynecomastia, i had fat removed but no gland, 3... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Crater/Nipple Sinking-in. Is This Edema? What Could This Be? (photo)

5 wk ago I had gyno surgery lipo & gland removal. 1.5 wk ago I noticed right in the middle of my nipples & areolas that my nipples were... READ MORE

Nipple Appearance After Gynecomastia Surgery

I am an extreme weight loss patient. 2 weeks ago, I underwent a gynocomastia excision procedure along with extended tummy tuck. 200 grams of breast... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Gynecomastia surgery, I'm worried about water collection. Is this normal?

I went through gynaco surgey about 3 weeks ago and i started collecting water on right side beneath nipple area.. My doctr has done aspiration 2-3... READ MORE

Scars Around Nipple After Gynecomastia. Options For Scar Removal? (photo)

Hello Doctor, i had done Gynecomastia operation 7 months before.After post operation i have found scars around my nipple. Will u tell me how would... READ MORE

I Still Have Puffy Nipples Even After Having Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction

It's been about 3 months since my surgery and my surgeon is warning me against gland extraction due to possible nipple cave-in. I was wondering if... READ MORE

My nipple area gets soft during heat and shrinks when in cold. Do I have Gynecomastia? (photo)

My heaviest weight was during my teens at 217 lbs and I went down to 135lbs in a few months. Since then I've maintained a weight of 150-160lbs. I'm 32... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Full Sensation After Massive Gynecomastia Surgery?

I'm a guy with a hormonal problem (it's in the process of being corrected)looking to get chest surgery. My "man boobs" are a BIG... READ MORE

Alternative Approach to Correcting Male Gynecomastia Deformities?

I would really appreciate any advice anybody could offer. Last year I received gynecomastia surgery. The results are not sightly and I'm looking... READ MORE

Will my Gynecomastia go away?

Hi im 17 years old and very skinny I weigh 116 lbs and am about 5 feet 10. Ive had gyno for around 4 years now but I'm getting to the age where body... READ MORE

Is It Right Procedure to Remove All Tissues and Fat Under Nipple Area with Vaser Gynecomastia Surgery?

My plastic surgeon told me that in gynecomastia surgeries they use Vaser and try to remove all the tissues and fat under the nipple area and a small... READ MORE

How Does Nipple Size Influence the Male Breast Reduction Technique Choice?

Are large nipples easier or more difficult to protect from complications or damage during a breast reduction surgery? READ MORE

I Month Post Gynecomastia, Nipples are Depressed, Will this Subside?

I'm 1mo post gynecomastia surgery. my nipples are depressed. will this subside? I'm 30 years old and very active. The tissue directly under my... READ MORE

What's Going on with my Nipple? (photo)

A month ago I had a male breast reduction surgery I had a problem with blood flow to the nipples but my surgeon said that the blood vessels will be... READ MORE

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