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Why Do I Have Indents on Chest After Gynecomastia Surgery?

I'm a little over 3 months postop on my gynecomastia surgery. I had gland removal and lipo. For the most part healing has gone fine, but whenever I... READ MORE

How Do I Correct Indents After Bad Gynecomastia Surgery, AND a Bio-alcamid Inject?

This is complicated. 9yrs ago I had chest lipo with Dr. P. L. and he messed me up and scarred me badly. To cover the indents, I had some Bio-alcamid... READ MORE

Contour Deformity Following Unilateral Gynecomastia Surgery, How do I Address this Issue? (photo)

I am noticing a horizontal tear-drop shaped depression. Immediately following surgery contour was perfect, then as swelling subsided I noticed this... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Gynecomestia Surgery. Scared for Chest Indentation and Why is my Left Chest Stil Swollen? (photo)

July 23 I had my gynecomestia surgery(I am from the Netherlands) and upcomming monday(3 weeks later) I will go to the hospital so the docter will take... READ MORE

6.5 months post op Gynecomastia surgery, I had indentation after steroid injection. Will it resolve themselves? (photo)

I had gyne surgery 6.5 months ago with a top gyne surgeon. I developed hypertrophic scars. I received steroid injections my doctor said he was... READ MORE

Is this chest indent or some muscular problem after Gynecomastia surgery ? Will it grow evenly if I workout?

I had a gynocoemastia surgery two years ago. Currently 90 Pounds but a few problems. My nipples look really bad. I want to have an shredded body but... READ MORE

Gyno Crater Defect Better over Time?

I had gyno surgey 5 weeks ago. It appears I have a crater deformity on both sides. My doctor doesn't think I do and says it's normal. He didn't take... READ MORE

What can I do to resolve indentation on my right nipple after gynecomastia surgery? (Photo)

Im 10 weeks post op and i still have hardness under my nipples and flex i flex my pec i have depression on the right nipple, please help me what can i... READ MORE

Gyno surgery post-op nipple disfiguration. How do I make them not caved / creased? (Photo)

Hi Doc! I had Lipo + Excision on my puffy nipples. I am 2 days post op. I am scared - Please look at my nipples and you will see that they are all... READ MORE

Will indents heal on their own? I am big into working out. Will chest exercises help improve the indents? (Photo)

Hello, I've had gyno surgey almost 7 weeks ago. No Lipo. Never given vest. All I am worried about are the indentations. I feel as if they're getting... READ MORE

Chest indentation after gynocomastia surgery. Will working out, and fat grafting help? (Photo)

I had done gynocomastia surgery and one year later i saw that there are a few indents on my chest and both my nipples are inverted. So i checked up... READ MORE

Is this nipple appearance normal 3 weeks post gynecomastia surgery? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op and just wondering if the nipple appearance is normal. One side looks perfect, the other side looks a little different. It seems... READ MORE

Residual gynecomastia? (Photo)

I received Gynecomastia surgery 5 weeks ago and my left breast still sticks out as if I still have Gynecomastia. My PS stated that my stitches look... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix a wrinkle or indentation in my nipple that happened as a result of gynecomastia surgery? (photos)

I think it is due to something called skin redundancy but I'm not sure. The nipple comes out when I pinch it, when I exercise, and when it's cold but... READ MORE

I'm 1 month post gyno surgery, I have two indents in the areola area. Do you think I will need a revision? (Photo)

I am one month post op gyno surgery, I have two indents in the areola area. Do you think I will need a revision. The doctor said I could also exercise... READ MORE

Indentation in chest, revision surgery? (photos)

I had excision only, no lipo suction. 3 weeks post OP I started massaging the scar tissue around the nipples, it has reduced the scar tissue... READ MORE

How does the healing of my gynecomastia with free nipple grafts look, and will the indentation I have get any better? (Photo)

These pics are my before pics and my 4 weeks postop pics. what do you think of my healing from the gynecomastia surgery and im wondering if it looks... READ MORE

Concerned about lumps/bumps/indention asymmetry. What are my options? (Photo)

I underwent the procedure at the beginning of this month July 6th. Today is the 29th so I'm on my 4th week. I'm concerned that the indent on right pec... READ MORE

Gyno surgery. Why is my nipple indented and skin puffy underneath on one side and the other looks swollen. (photos)

I had my gyno surgery done about 4 years ago, it seems as though my breast has never healed, I have no idea what's wrong. It affects my life and... READ MORE

5 weeks post gynecomastia surgery. Is this swelling causing nipple indentation? (Photo)

Can feel indent, although early I don't see this getting much better. Seriously worried. READ MORE

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