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Serious Water Retention and Cellulite 1 Year After Liposuction, What Can I Do?

Hello, I was a slim fashion model of 5'9, 130 pounds who had liposuccion done for the purpose of Adistem Stem Cell therapy for Breast Enhancement.... READ MORE

Subcutaneous Fluid Retention and Loose Skin in Flanks After Liposuction?

Had liposuction almost a year ago and sometimes after drinking fluids I noticed I tend to get fluid retention. Also I'm not very happy with the... READ MORE

10 Lbs of Weight Gain Right After Breast Aug. & Liposuction, Is This Normal?

I had & liposuction (hips, thighs, & knees) & the morning after the procedure I was up 10lbs. I did not have any drainage from my... READ MORE

26 Days Post Op Liposuction of Abd, Flanks, Thighs. How To Get Rid of Hardness From Water Retention?

My lower abdomen is hard. I was told is accumulation of water. How to get rid of that? READ MORE

I Continue to Retain Water in my Legs 3 Months Post Op Liposuction. When Will It Go Away?

I am taking a diuretic twice daily and still I am retaining water in my inner thighs where I had liposuction done. They swell enough to cause... READ MORE

Why Are my Face and Arms Swollen 7.5 Weeks Post-op from Liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Thighs, and Knees & a Breast Lift?

My PS removed 7.5 liters. I wore compression garments religiously per instructed for 6.5 weeks but developed contact dermatitis from them and had to... READ MORE

Water build up/ retention in abdomen area 48 hours after Liposuction. Any suggestions?

48 hours ago i had liposuction on abdomen (350ml of fat) & love handles (350+275). Went for followup 24 hours later, dr said all is good, seems to be... READ MORE

Still retaining water seven weeks after Liposuction. Is this normal?

It's been seven weeks since I had liposuction on my chin and arms. I've been retaining water in my abdomen and legs ever since surgery. I'm not eating... READ MORE

Post-op one week swollen and painful, is this normal? Is the pain going to get better? (photos)

Did Lipo on abs, flanks and back and fat transfer to breasts. As you can see from the pictures am very swollen and very sore, lumpy and painful.I have... READ MORE

Swelling after lipo water in feet

I am 3 weeks post op and feel like I am retaining a lot of water I have recently felt a lot of water in my feet my surgeon recommended I wear the... READ MORE

My weight and liposuction. What should I do to prevent my surgery from getting rescheduled?

My weight tends to fluctuate from 177-180. I'm 5"4 and I know my bmi is just at 30. I hold a lot of water weight, and my surgery is next week and I'm... READ MORE

Gaining weight in the lipo'd areas 4 months post op (Photos)

Had lipo done around tummy 4 months ago. Had a death in the family 4 weeks after lipo and didn't exercise and ate bad. Overall results were good ie I... READ MORE

How long is it normal to hold water weight from liposuction?

I had a BL & lipo preformed on my abs, flanks, and bra fat almost 8 weeks ago and I still weigh 6 to 7 pounds more than when I went in for surgery... READ MORE

Out of town patient, water or forgotten fat? (Photo)

Hi I had a bbl 7weeks ago and my left hip area is different than my right hip I'm not sure if the Doctor forgot injecting fat there or did I lose the... READ MORE

2 wks after abdominal and flank lipo, my thighs are much "fatter" than than before. Is this due to swelling or water retention?

Or is it more likely due to to my lack of activity? My belly is still swollen and I feel very bloated. I have been religious about wearing my... READ MORE

How long does excessive water retention in my left arm and hand remain?

How long will this Puffiness going to last? It's been 14 days now with this excessive puffiness in both forearms and hands. It's not going down. This... READ MORE

I've heard it can take up to a year to see final liposuction results. Does anything I do now (3mo post-op) affect final results?

I recovered really well from the initial surgery and am overall very pleased with my results. Unfortunately, lately I've been dealing with some... READ MORE

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