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Is a Tingling Sensation Normal After Lipo? 4 Weeks PO

I had lipo on inner and outer thighs and full tummy tuck 4 weeks ago with lipo on flanks. The last couple days I have experienced some tingling in my... READ MORE

Tingling and Raw Feeling One Month After Liposuction

I am 1 month post op, still wearing my compression garment. Had lipo on abs,hips, inner outter thighs. The tingling or raw feeling is very intense... READ MORE

Numbness, tingling and pain in one leg, 1 year after liposuction surgery?

I had liposuction in my thighs over a year ago and I still have numbness, tingling and shooting pain running up and down one of my legs. I feel this... READ MORE

Is discoloration (turning yellow) normal on the areas after liposuction?

It's been a week since the liposuction was performed on the upper flab arms. The burning, tingling, numbness and soreness are persistent. There is now... READ MORE

3 months post op of Liposuction, I have bumps on my stomach and I feel pain and tingly. Is this normal?

Bumps on stomach after lipo. Inflammation? Its been almost 3 months after i had laser liposuction done in my stomach and its still not flat. I have... READ MORE

How long should the numbness/tingling stick around after liposuction?

I am 5 days post op from circumferential liposuction on my thighs and knees (not much removed from back of my legs though). The pain is much better... READ MORE

Will my Legs Ever Feel Normal Again?

I had liposuction done to my inner thighs about 4 weeks ago. My muscles are SO tight and stiff and I still don't have a lot of feeling to my legs. I... READ MORE

Two questions; 1 about a tingly feeling and 2; sore feeling when stretching the lipo area (after 3 days) (Photo)

I'm wondering what that tingly feeling I got when I took of the compression garment was. I only had I off for a few minutes, as that feeling stressed... READ MORE

Its been 3 months since my Liposcution with minimal results. Should I expect to see results at a later date?

I am disappointed I have started back working out but I still have lumps on my stomach and sides. My stomach is also sore it tingles and burns at... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel tingling in my stomach? And am I still swollen?

I had abdominal waste hips and back lipo 2 weeks ago. It it normal that i feel tingling in my stomach? READ MORE

I am 5 days post op from inner/outer and knee liposuction. Any suggestions?

I am very bruised and very sore with a lot of swelling which I have read is normal. In addition, to the numbness/tingling under my garment. I am... READ MORE

Will Liposuction interfere with my pinched nerve?

I have a pinched nerve in my left upper shoulder that is recovering. When I lay or sleep on my left shoulder I get the tingle feeling in my arm. It's... READ MORE

4 months after Lipo to my abdomen excessively swollen, fluttering feeling and sharp pains. What should I do?

I had liposuction 4 months ago and a full tummy tuck 2 years ago. My entire stomach is spongy and feels tingly almost like a fluttering sensation. I... READ MORE

How long is my upper stomach and abs going to stay hard and tingle numb feeling?

I had the liposuction done with the skin tightening march 15 2017 going in my fourth week recovery today,everything is fine except i still have a lil... READ MORE

Am I healing properly? I still feel tingling sensations and tenderness (Photo)

I am 7 days post op from lipo on my stomach. Am I healing properly my stomach still feels very tender READ MORE

Sudden increase in pain two weeks after liposuction - is this normal?

I had liposuction on my abdomen two weeks ago. Yesterday I had my second ultrasound massage. Previously, the pain was decreasing, but it has increased... READ MORE

Tingling of the foot after Liposuction of the legs. Any suggestions?

I have made liposuction of tighs (lateral, Inner and posterior), inner knees, and posterior legs 3 days ago. Since I was operated , I have the normal... READ MORE

Tingling sensation and numbness in the tips of fingers and toes after lipo. Could it be the use of my compression garment?

It is been two week since I had lipo done in my inner thighs, inner thighs, saddle bags, flanks, hips, abs and arms. I am experiencing numbness and... READ MORE

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