Is discoloration (turning yellow) normal on the areas after liposuction?

It's been a week since the liposuction was performed on the upper flab arms. The burning, tingling, numbness and soreness are persistent. There is now a discoloration noticed, turning more yellow (like an iodine color) on the arm areas. Is this normal? Please help.

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Yellow appearance during healling

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Bruising of the liposuctioned areas is common.  The coloring of the bruises ranges from black and blue to purple and then often fade to a yellow hue.  The numbness and soreness you describe is also common at this stage of recovery and will gradually improve. Sometimes numbness can persist for several months but does tend to lessen over time. Good luck!

Bruising after liposuction.

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It is very typical to have some bruising after liposuction. This bruising is blood showing through from the inside of the skin. Sometimes the bruising is the typical black and blue in the early stages. However, many people have only the later stages of bruising  which is a yellowish color showing through. This means you already in the healing phase and is very normal. Tingling, numbness and soreness in the area where the suction lipectomy was performed is also common. This generally is gone by about 6 weeks but persist much longer on occasion.

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