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Downtime for Abdominal Liposuction Vs Tummy Tuck?

How long is the downtime of abdominal liposuction as compared to tummy tuck? READ MORE

How Soon Can I Go to Work After Lipo of the Arms and Front Bra Roll?

I got the back bra roll done already and a breast lift but the side boob is there. I work at starbucks no hard labor job so when can I return to work? READ MORE

Good Canditate for Lipo and Smart Lipo?

I am a 21 yr old female, 5'0 140 pounds. I went for a consult yesterday and was told i would get the smart lipo and trad. lipo. I dont have that much... READ MORE

Is it possible to have Lipo without a TT? (Photo)

I was told that I may need a TT but I know the time off of work will be a problem and I am not looking forward to that scar. I have 3 children (one... READ MORE

Heavy Lifting After Liposuction?

My husband had traditional (i.e. Not laser) liposuction on his abdomen, flanks and back 3 weeks ago. His job requires him to lift very heavy objects... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Return to Intense Physical Training After Lipo?

I am very interested in having my arms, lovehandles, and thighs liposuctioned at some point in the near future. I'm an aerial acrobat currently... READ MORE

How Soon Will is Be Plausible That I Will Up and About After Combo Lipo & BA (Squatting, Sitting at Weird Angles Etc)

I'm a "lifestyle" portrait photographer, meaning I'm always moving (quick walking, lots of squatting, climbing around on slippery... READ MORE

I'm having 10 days off work after inner thigh, hips and upper back and arm liposuction. Is this enough time? (Photo)

I am planning on liposuction of my inner thighs hips flanks and arms, I am 50 years old will I0 days be long enough off work? Can I expect any real... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for liposuction? (photos)

Sorry I couldn't upload my picture last time. But yes here's me. Omg I hate my body plus my arms . I really want to get this fixed. I want to know how... READ MORE

I want to get lipo but can only get 1 wk off work at a time, so can't take more than 10 days. Is this ok?

I want lipo on front, back, sides of thighs, stomach and flanks. I work retail so am on my feet 45 hours a week and walk a lot at work. Is it... READ MORE

Recovery period - How soon can I get back into work at the office following liposuction?

Liposuction to the stomach, lower back, upper back (flanks), buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs and sculpting also to the waist. READ MORE

Is two weeks away from work enough time for inner thigh lipo?

I am getting BBL and stomach lipo. I am also considering inner thigh lipo. I am more concerned about down time. I have planned to be away from work... READ MORE

How long is recovery for Lipo on flanks and whole stomach?

Will I be able to return to work ie driving and very light lifting after 9 days off. Please help READ MORE

Is three weeks enough time to take off of work to have Liposuction and laterals done?

I work at a restaurant as a waitress and I am wondering if three weeks is enough time for me to recover. It is quite hectic at the restaurant and a... READ MORE

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