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How Tight Should a Compression Garment Be?

I am one day post op for lipo of the abdomen and flanks. The compression garment I was sent home in had clasps up the front (with pads under to absorb... READ MORE

Lipo 1 Wk Ago. Compression Garment is Creasing Between Hips, Waist and is Dented and Painful, Should I Stop Wearing It?

Lipo of abs and flank with fat transfer, one week ago. First garment was ex. small and was denting/creasing between waist and hips. It has become very... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op Liposuction to Thighs and Knees, Is it Normal How Tight it Feels When Walking?

I had lipsocution to my inner thighs and knees 3 weeks ago (I know it's not so long ago) and most pain and bruising has gone. But I have noticed... READ MORE

Early Detection of Post Lipo Complications

I had Tumescent Abdominal Liposuction performed recently. There was the expected soreness, bruising and swelling in my abdominal area which lingered... READ MORE

Wearing Tight Jeans After Lipo?

I am currently 5 months post lipo on my lovehandles. My 1st week post op I was given the wrong garmet to wear, which caused an indentation which is... READ MORE

It's Been 6 Months Since Lipo, I Am Still Feeling Tight and Itchy on One Side, Normal?

I have been to several doctors for my lopsided lipo issue and they have confirmed that my original doctor took too much fat out of one side and left... READ MORE

Question About Tightness, Hardening & Bruising of Areas. I Can Barely Stand Up-right and It Burns. is This Normal? (photo)

I am 44 5"7 188 lbs. I have an accumulation of stubborn apron fat in my lower abdomen/hip area. Surgeon's opinion: if I were to weigh 130 lbs this... READ MORE

Hardness, Tightness Through out Tummy Area After Liposuction?

Had full TT over a year ago. RT side never looked flat as the LT side. PS decided to do lipo just on RT side. Now 12 days PO. Other than mild... READ MORE

I am 3 months post-op. When will the tightness in my lower back and sides will go away? (Photo)

My lower back and sides still feel tight if i go to stretch along with a mild burning. When will it go away? i still feel some burning and numb spots... READ MORE

Compression Garment too tight. I damaged my skin, can you please tell me how I can help it heal faster? (photos)

I had lipo about 10 days ago. I put on the second faja at 1 week. It felt tight but I thought as long as I could tolerate it, it would be fine. Well... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op from Arm and Under Arm Liposuction-How To Tame Tightness?

 Will Wear my Garment for at Least  3 Weeks. I feel a lot of tightness in arms ( the undersides) and in my armpits which where also treated.... READ MORE

Why Does my Skin Feel Tight in the Morning?

I had a liposuction done on my triceps, upper back and upper and lower abdomen on Thursday feb 21st. For the first 2 days after when I wake up in the... READ MORE

Tenderness and Tightness After Liposuction and Inner Leg Lift

My plastic surgeon has given up and passed me off. I have tenderness and tightness where he went agressive on liposuction on my inner thighs as I... READ MORE

Tightness and Tenderness After Liposuction

Hi I had waist & thigh liposuction 4 weeks ago, during the surgery I lost allot of blood & had to have 6 transfusions, after the surgery I... READ MORE

Binders with Lipo. My Legs Feel Tight and Burn, Ankles Look Larger; Could Compression by too Tight?

I had lipo on my stomach 6 days ago. 800 cc removed and I use a binder. I noticed today that my legs feel really tight and burn when I bend down. My... READ MORE

Liposuction: How Far Does the Skin Contract?

There is a limit how far the skin can contract or shrink to its new shape, dependent of the elasticity and the dermal collagen of the skin. How do you... READ MORE

Liposuction and the Perfect Body?

After liposuction, should one also plan to have a tummy tuck to address the issue of loose skin? Most people associate liposuction with dreams of a... READ MORE

Comp Garment Too Tight? (photo)

Had lipo of upper and lower ab and flanks last Friday and my comp garment is feeling very tight and it's itching like crazy! I'm wondering if it's... READ MORE

My Lower Abdomen Feels So Tight and I Am Having Difficulty Breathing Inhaling After Lipo 5 Months Ago?

CT scan of lungs and EKG is normal. How long will before this goes away? I am so scared now. Is scar tissue pressing or pushing the diaphragm. Have... READ MORE

Could my compression vest too tight if my penis and scrotum are completely turned purple?

I had gynecomastia removed via vaser lipo yesterday as well as my belly and love handles. The doc has me in a full compression vest with a second... READ MORE

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