Wearing Tight Jeans After Lipo?

I am currently 5 months post lipo on my lovehandles. My 1st week post op I was given the wrong garmet to wear, which caused an indentation which is still slightly visible today. Im now a bit worried that if I was to wear tight jeans, then the tight waistband will leave an indentation in my lipo areas. So my question is, will tight jeans cause indentations 5 months post op? If it will cause indentations, then how long until I can start wearing my tight jeans again without indentations occuring?

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Wearing Tight Jeans After Lipo?

I do not believe that wearing tight jeans at this point - and possibly at any point - would be responsible for permanent indentations or distortions.  The final appearance is due mostly to the way you looked before, the surgery that was done and on the manner in which your skin and subcutaneous tissues contracted into their new shape.  I suppose that very tight bands early in the recovery process could be harmful, from several different standpoints, but I think that jeans at 5 months are not a concern and that any indentations formed will be transient.  You should, of course, talk to your own plastic surgeon about this, too.

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Wearing tight jeans at this point should not make an indention.  Rarely do tight clothes or garments cause problems, but certainly not after 6 weeks.

Gregory Sexton, MD
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Indentations after Liposuction at 5 Months

  Your plastic surgeon knows your postoperative course best and would be better able to advise you on this.  However, if you have a stable result that has not changed in weeks, then wearing tight jeans is probably not going to disrupt anything or create a dent, other than a temporary one.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Wearing Tight Jeans After Lipo?

Best to ask this question of your surgeon at time of an office visit. If all the swelling is gone, and it may well be, there should be little risk of causing a permanent indentation. If the surgeon feels there is still some swelling, given your previous history I would hold off a few months, then get re-examined. 

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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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