Discoloration + Liposuction

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Pain, Discoloration and Indentations After Liposuction in Legs

I had a Liposuction in my legs and though it had slimmed them down, there has now been greyish discolorations, bruises and indentations from the... READ MORE

Is There Something to Correct or Fade Irregular Discoloration Caused from Lipo?

I have light bruise like marks on my inner thighs from tuminescent lipo I had performed on my thighs a year ago. There wasn't much fat to be... READ MORE

9 weeks post op and have small dents and discoloration after lipo in the abdomen. Is this permanent or can it be fixed? (photo)

I'm currently 9 weeks post op from liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and the mons. I noticed some small dents above my belly button almost... READ MORE

What can I do to fix a bad Liposuction job on my legs? (photos)

Had traditional lipo on my outer thighs with feathering across the front of my legs about 6 months ago. Left with lots of new dimpling, cellulite and... READ MORE

Erythema Ab Liporaspiration Vs. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Vs. Hemosiderin Staining After Lipo, Which One is It?

It has been 4 1/2 months since I had lipo of the stomach, flanks, bra line, and inner thighs. I still have what looks like faint, almost lacy-looking... READ MORE

Will the discoloration on my skin go away after recovering from liposuction? (photos)

Hello. 5 weeks ago, I got a BBL where they removed fat from my midsection, arms, thighs, and back. I've noticed that I have a lot of discoloration in... READ MORE

Upper Arm Liposuction a Month Ago-- Should I Be Concerned by Lumps/stiffness/pain/discoloration?

I had liposuction on my upper arms a month ago. I'm 40, not overweight, good skin tightness. Went to a respected area plastic surgeon and am happy... READ MORE

Skin Discoloration After Ultra Lipolyse Normal?

I had ultra lipolyse done 5 months ago to thighs - and I still have discolored skin. The skin is darker (I am caucasian) in the area where the tiny... READ MORE

Will the discoloration disappear? Why is my upper abdomen distended? How do I smooth the fat deposits? (photo)

I had liposuction done in March of 2013. My doctor was great, but I'm disappointed in the results. I can no longer go see him, I moved across the... READ MORE

Lipo burn marks and discoloration. How long until they go away? (photos)

I am 3 months post-op liposuction from the abdomen and back, with fat transfer to the buttocks. I have one burn mark and discoloration from the... READ MORE

Discoloration after thigh lipo. Will it go away as I heal? (Photo)

I had inner thigh lipo x5 weeks ago, the lumpiness, swelling and bruising is much better. I find my skin is tightening and looking less flabby but I... READ MORE

Can anything be done to break up this lump I got after Liposuction in the belly? (photos)

I have a small discolored lump in middle of belly from liposuction of belly used for fat transfer needed for breasts. Can anything be done besides... READ MORE

Dark colors/discoloration on my lipo scars (slightly indented and very dark ) how can I lighten it?

I have previously asked this question on how to lighten my lipo scars on my stomach, they are dark/brown I've had the procedure September of 2013, and... READ MORE

Why has my skin changed colour and texture on the upper outer thigh area after Liposuction?

I did Lipo and fat transfer to my buttocks and upper outrr thigh area 6 months ago. Thr skin colour has changed and because i am quite fair skin tone... READ MORE

I have a lot of purple discoloration on inner thighs after Ab/Flank lipo. Why?

My upper thighs are discolored even though thighs were not part of procedure. Called Dr. told me it was bruising. Did not see me. This is something else. READ MORE

9 months post op, should I still have marks on my stomach from the surgery? (Photo)

Hello, It's been 9 months now since I did my lipsuction surgery but till now I still have number of marks on my tummy front and back (discoloration)... READ MORE

What is this discoloration after lipo? (Photo)

I had liposuction of thighs 6-7 weeks back i noticed there is brownish discloration(not bruses)as a line shape as its look like the canula ,and also... READ MORE

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