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Liposuction Below Bra Line Area?

I am considering liposuction of the infra-scapular back area, located just below the bra strap. Is this a risky procedure, as I understand it is... READ MORE

Why Are my Under Arms and Bra Area Flabby After Lipo?

I had my lipo surgery six months ago on my flanks. The Doctor took it upon himself to do my under arms and back bra area. The area is now flabby and... READ MORE

Had Laser Liposuction Done Twice and Still See No Results!

Female 32 130lbs - had laser liposuction done initially on lower abs and flanks waited 6mos and NO results I mean 0 went in again at 6mos & 2days... READ MORE

Wearing Bra After a Bra Rolls Liposuction

I am considering getting my bra rolls liposuctioned. How long until one can wear a bra again? READ MORE

Lipo on Back Area - Extra Bra Fat or Loose Skin?

I had my whole back liposuctioned (my original intent was to only get rid of fat in the bra area) and at first, everything looked tight. Now it looks... READ MORE

How long does it take for soreness and swelling to go away after Tumescent lipo?

I just had touch- up lipo on my whole back/ lower flanks/ bra rolls, just 3 days ago, I'm so sore that I can't get comfortable at nite to sleep, how... READ MORE

Can Axilloplasty Be Combined with Liposuction of Upper Back and Bra Bulge?

Is there a way to excise the excess skin from upper back/ bra bulge using the same incision in the armpit? Lost 90 lbs from diet and exercise and... READ MORE

Lump on Right Side 7 Days Post Lipo, Should I Call my PS?

I had lipo done of my flanks, upper/lower abdomen, bra roll, and hip area, I have a lump just on one of my flank sides, the right side, and I have... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Go to Work After Lipo of the Arms and Front Bra Roll?

I got the back bra roll done already and a breast lift but the side boob is there. I work at starbucks no hard labor job so when can I return to work? READ MORE

Liposuction and skin elasticity. Is this a good option? (Photo)

I wanted to get liposuction now after 3 kids to jump start my new healthy fit lifestyle. Im 25 years old and weight 145lbs at 5"7. When ever I gain... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Tickle Lipo and no results. (photo)

I've done tickle lipo on my abdomen, love handles, lower back and bra rolls and I'm 2weeks post op. I've seen no changes, & all my doctor is telling... READ MORE

Is there any non-invasive surgery that is used to greatly reduce or eliminate back/bra bulge or underarm bulge?

I don't want to under the knife but would like to have it removed. I have heard of many different procedure but what is the most effective? Looking... READ MORE

Lipo of Upper/lower Abs, Flanks & Bra Roll. Incision Sites Are All Below my Navel. Did He Operate on All Requested/billed Areas?

I had 900 cc of "pure fat"removed through lipo of upper/lower abs, flanks & bra roll. My incision sites are all below my navel. 1 is horizontally... READ MORE

Pain After Liposuction?

I am 11 days post op on liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, bra rolls and saddle bags. I know swelling takes 4-6 weeks, however when does the pain go... READ MORE

I'm interested in flank/love handle lipo & maybe back/bra roll. Am I being realistic wanting smooth waist and sides? (Photo)

I am 5'3" 124 lbs. I'm interested in getting flank/love handle lipo & maybe some back/bra roll. Am I being realistic wanting smooth waist and sides?... READ MORE

Liposuction to back/bra rolls in addition to Flanks is it worth the risk, whom has done it? (photos)

Liposution to back/bra rolls in addition to Flanks is it worth the risk, whom has done it? What lip tool did you use, where did you insert the canula... READ MORE

3 Months Post Lipo; Not Noticing Great Results?

I had lipo to bra line, upper /lower back, flanks, love handles and lipo to underarm area due to having excess breast tissue removed and cut from... READ MORE

Liposuction or Laser Assisted Liposuction? (photo)

I've decided on surgery to get rid of body fat in my abdomen, inner thighs, and back (bra roll). I've narrowed my surgery centers/doctors down to... READ MORE

Decreasing Bulges Under Bra-Line & Is Lipo Good Choice for Over-65 Person? (photo)

1st quest: Can midriff bulges be pulled up into incisions during breast reduct/lift & back/bra fat removal surgs? Dr Zwiren said "Lipo may work..... READ MORE

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