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How to Fix a Tara Reid Tummy With Lumps and Wrinkles From BodyTite Lipo? (photo)

I had bodytite lipo in June of 2010, I have a lump and a wrinkle at the top of my abdomen (see pic) kinda like Tara Reid I am wondering how to get... READ MORE

Has BodyTite Proven to Be Safe and Effective So Far?

BodyTite seems relatively new and uncommon. I'm considering having this procedure done (maybe even along with FaceTite) because it's billed to... READ MORE

Carb Free Diet After Bodytite Liposuction?

Hi,I had Bodytite liposuction on my thighs yesterday,and was told on leaving that I should follow a carb free diet for 4 weeks!I'm just not... READ MORE

What is Bodytite Lipo?

I've been hearing about Bodytite -- some new kind of lipo? What is it? Is it safe? Does it work? READ MORE

Bodytite vs Vaser for Skin tightening and Fat removal

Which is more successful for skin tightening and fate removal? Vaser or Bodytite?? Thanks Sophiex READ MORE

Bodytite by Invasix for Tightening Jaw Line and Neck?

Can the lipo-type treatment called Bodytite by Invasix be used to tighten the jaw line & neck area? READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait to See Results After Bodytite?

I had bodytite done on my flanks, outer thighs and buttocks, plus smart lipo on inner thighs 4 days ago. the swelling went down a bit.. i had a bit... READ MORE

BodyTite Procedure. Is it Safe?

How big are scars? is there possibility of getting the "ripple effect" after procedure. can u get burnt? i am worried because the plastic surgeon i... READ MORE

Very Large Lump As Appeared in my Inner Thigh, 15 Months After Having Bodytite?

Very Large Lump As Appeared in my Inner Thigh , 15 Months After Having Bodytite, It is Very Painful, How Can I Get Rid , Massage READ MORE

How to Manage Bleeding/leakage After Bodytite on Abdomen?

I have just has Bodytite procedure on tummy area and although its early days a bit concerned about bleeding/leakage. What is 'normal' in terms of... READ MORE

Does BodyTite Lipo tightens the skin along with removing fat?

The claim is it tightens skin along with removing fat. I would like to know if its true and what success rate regarding the skin tightening it has? READ MORE

Bodytite Procedure (Photo)

I had the above procedure in January 2015, I am now almost 8 moths post up and my tummy is getting larger. I have not put on weight in fact, lost... READ MORE

Medial Thigh and knee Bodytite, 5 weeks ago. The area around the knees feels hard and lumpy. Will it resolve? (photo)

The area around the knees feels hard and lumpy. Are they likely to shrink further and when will the hardness and lumps resolve? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for bodytite on my stomach sides, front and back?

I'm an athletic woman. I eat healthy and do a lot of sport. I'm thin but have unwanted fat in my lower back, stomach and the sides of my stomach.... READ MORE

Bodytite advice, after 3 months no tightening and lower abdomen now sticking out, feel so self conscious.

I have Bodytite December. Not over weight, fit & healthy, but, loose skin from weight loss years ago & pregnancy, noticed my lower abdomen sticks out... READ MORE

Bodytite Liposuction - Is It Any Good?

Hello, I'm considering getting bodytite lipo on saddlebags area. I am 5'8 128lbs so I'm quite slim, however I have stubborn fat on my thighs. My... READ MORE

Where can get Body-Tite done? Successful studies were done here but FDA approval takes forever. Aside from Canada, where else?

Several Drs have told me i don't have much fat to remove but rather excess skin on flanks, back & axillas. They concur that the only lipo process... READ MORE

I had the BodyTite procedure done about 2 weeks ago now, is this normal?

While I can see a slight difference I still have a slight tummy and it feels a bit lumpy under the surface, I'm told this will contract and the lumps... READ MORE

Which is better? Traditional liposuction under L.A. with syringe method or the new Bodytite?

I also need skin tightening. Which is more effective with a shorter recovery time? Can fat using Bodytite method be transferred to elsewhere in the body? READ MORE

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