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Bruising and Blisters After Lipo After 5 Weeks? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post tummy tuck with plication and lipo to the abdomen and hips areas. I developed large blisters on both hips where the edges of the... READ MORE

Blister Like Fluid Collection Following Laser Lipo on Jaw

26yf/m laser lipo jowels.  4wks after surgery had lump on jaw.  Doc said time @8wks lump came to surface & was told it was liquid fat in... READ MORE

Could there be skin necrosis due to liposuction even if only 100ccs were drained? (Photo)

I developed blisters within 10 hours of a liposuccion ony inner thigh the blisters peeled and the skin turned dark black within 2-3 hours from the... READ MORE

Compression garment 3 weeks after lipo (due to a skin blister). Is this normal? (Photo)

I am 5.7 & lipo done on 6may;15litres of fat was removed from thighs,abdomen,flanks,back.My thighs bruised badly&I was in severe pain.then on... READ MORE

Severe sunburn and Lipo. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had 600cc removed from my abdomen 4 wks ago, and recovery has been great-- after 2 wks was instructed to wear cg for heavy activity only. A week ago... READ MORE

Lipo done on mons area, what is this lump? (Photos)

I had lipo on my mums area 3 weeks ago and I have this lump that feels like a blister under the skin I push on one side it go's to the other should I... READ MORE

Male chest ultrasound assisted liposuction. Blister next to the incision site?

Hello i had my procedure yesterday and have just taken off my garment to be presented with fantastic results and no bruising or swelling yet! however... READ MORE

I'm a healthy weight man and had a lipo done on my sides. What complication this? (photo)

I have a semi-clear (in between opaque & clear) skin blister on lower abdominal. Had lipo on 7/15/16. It's the same spot and where an incision or... READ MORE

Blister 4 months after lipo -- is this normal?

Hi, I had a lipo almost 4 months ago, due to it I had a 3 inches burn near my hips. It heals completely about one month ago, or at least I thought.... READ MORE

3 days post-op lipo: What are these small yellow blister-like pockets of fluid and is it normal? (Photos)

I had abdominal liposuction and a fat graft to my hips done on Wednesday morning and last night I discovered these on my right hip. Is this normal? READ MORE

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