Bruising and Blisters After Lipo After 5 Weeks? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post tummy tuck with plication and lipo to the abdomen and hips areas. I developed large blisters on both hips where the edges of the dressing was. I still have significant bruising to my hips that looks more like healing burns. My understanding is the bruised/blistered area was where most of the lipo was done. I have not seen my surgeon, only his nurse several times. It does not look like cellulitis. Should I be concerned?

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Bruising and Blisters After Lipo After 5 Weeks

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Thank you for your question. Yes, ypu should be concerned. Blsotering is npt normal and brusiing past 3 weeks is unusal. Please go and see ypur surgeon today.  Best Wishes.

Bruising And Blistering Over A Liposuctioned Area - Should I Be Concerned?

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Bruising over a liposuctioned area that remains after 5 weeks is of a great deal of concern.  Then when you add in blisters on top of that, it is time for you to see your plastic surgeon, not his nurse.  Normally, blisters in an area of liposuction means that there was injury to the skin, at least the epidermis (upper layer of skin).  These blisters are referred to as epidermolysis.  These blisters are a strong indication that aggressive measures are necessary to keep your skin from dying, which would then lead to slow wound healing and unwanted scarring. 

Please see your plastic surgeon ASAP.  Hyperbaric oxygen and other modalities can decrease the amount of scarring, but they need to be instituted as quickly as possible.

Hard to say exactly from the pictures

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the concerns are that a dressing that is too tight can actually cause pressure wounds, rubbing too much and even constricting the skin and tissue.  this would lead to actually blistering or breakdown of the skin.  if this never occurred then what you are seeing may be simply bruising still.  typically bruising should be resolving by this point in time.

Bruising and blisters five weeks after Liposuction

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Hello and thanks for the picture.  The bruising is more thank likely what you said it is from, and should resolve on its own.  In regards to the blistering, some patients are sensitive to the adhesive in the tape used to hold the dressings in place.  It is not uncommon to have this reaction, and fortunately it resolves well on its own with local wound care. Some discoloration can occur from it, much like a road rash.  I would contact your PS and request to see him and not his/her nurse.  If you feel that the area is red, and you see streaking of the redness travel upwards, as well as feel more tenderness/warmth in the area, by all means contact your PS ASAP and get him/her to evaluate you directly.   Hope this helps and best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

Cellulitis from Superficial Skin Slough after Liposuction

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   If there is a concern for cellulitis, get an appointment to see the surgeon.  He or she will want to know about your concerns.  I guarantee that the surgeon will want to know if you have superficial skin issues or burns as well. 

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