8 Months Post-op + Liposuction

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Measurements Unchanged After Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

I had Liposuction on my hips, thighs, and torso along with a Tummy Tuck about 8 months ago, and nothing changed after the first two months of the... READ MORE

Fluid Accumulation 3 Weeks After Liposuction

I had a tummy tuck 8 months ago. Three weeks ago I had some follow up liposuction to tighten things up. My stomach "jiggles" like there is fluid... READ MORE

I Am 8 Months Post Op TT with Lipo, I've Had Multiple Abscess from Sutures.

I am 8 months post op TT with lipo, I had multiple suture abscess from dissolving sutures. At 7 month I developed an abscess and my surgeon retrieved... READ MORE

8 Months Post-Lipo; I Weight More, and There are Bumps and Creases Around Hips. Is This Normal?

I've had liposuction 8 months ago. My doctor never mentioned anything about a diet or anything but in general I eat healthy, nothing to fatty and... READ MORE

What is this line that has formed along stomach/waistline after liposuction and can it be corrected?

I got liposuction 8 months ago. I got massages for up to 6 mos., after surgery. I wore my compression garment and a waist cincher for at least 4 mos.,... READ MORE

How can I lighten liposuction hyper pigmentation scars? 4% Hydroquinone isn't working much.

I had liposuction on my outter and inner thighs 8 months ago. My inner thigh scars healed well, but outter thigh scars are still very dark even though... READ MORE

Bad Lumpy Liposuction Result to the Thighs 8 Months Post Op Dilemma? (photo)

I had a medial thigh lift and liposuction to my thighs to which has resulted in, my once smooth legs, to an embarrassing lumpy state , the left leg... READ MORE

Bodytite Procedure (Photo)

I had the above procedure in January 2015, I am now almost 8 moths post up and my tummy is getting larger. I have not put on weight in fact, lost... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Arm 8 Months After Liposuction?

I had UAL of the upper arm about 8 months ago. The pain is so bad that I can't even stand the slightest touch. If I wear long sleeves, I don't notice... READ MORE

Pain from my Liposuction incision 8 Months post op. What could this be?

I had liposuction way back in September. I have been trying to run lately but my hip really hurts. The pain is sharp. Until recently, I thought it was... READ MORE

Protruding Abdomen 8 Months After Lipo: What Do I Do Now?

I had abd lipo 8 months ago. My post op was very painful. My 7 month post op with surgeron, I still remained hugged and abd was protruding now. I met... READ MORE

My tummy is even bigger 8 months after tummy lipo. Did I not wear the compression garments long enough?

I had tummy liposuction done in May 2013 and I did wear compression garments for the 1st 2 months post op. Subsequently I stopped wearing them due to... READ MORE

I have lumps after liposuction. Can it be fixed?

This was my second time having liposuction, the first time i had lip I remained with a lump the Dr tried to fix it now i have several lump, definitely... READ MORE

Why is there fluid retention around the scarring from liposuction to the stomach?

I have a friend that has had surgery done in Thailand about 8 months ago ,she had breast implants, and liposuction to her belly and thighs, she had a... READ MORE

8 Months post abdominal liposuction. Want to know what can be done to fix appearance of abdominal/navel area. (photo)

I am a 31 year old female who had two pregnancies. Had abdominal liposuction performed 8 months ago. Never have been overweight (underweight majority... READ MORE

What can I do about this? Left side of my body is lumpy after liposuction (Photo)

Hey, I had liposuction done about 8 months ago. After the first month I started to see that the left side of my body was starting to become bulgy ..... READ MORE

Liposuction of outer thighs gone wrong, can it be corrected? (photos)

I had lipo done on outer thighs 8 months ago. I wanted a bit less "pear-ish" look but still feminine. I soon noticed that too much fat was removed... READ MORE

8 months post calf & ankle lipo, no results . Is it possible I am still swollen? Please help!

So I had lipo on my calves and ankles exactly 8 months ago, my legs still look the same. I do run a few times a week, so is it possible that I am... READ MORE

Removing lumps after Liposuction?

8 month ago, I had a face liposuction in Japan and later I had some laser treatment (accent ultra) which I was told I shouldn't have. Some lumps are... READ MORE

What method of lipo will provide the most skin tightening and smoothness?

I'm a little lost looking into the TYPE of lipo to get. My surgeon uses S.A.F.E. lipo and I'm not sure if this will tighten the skin on my arms. I do... READ MORE

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