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Rippling and loose skin after Laser Lipo

Good Morning =) I had laser lipo about 5 years ago and I have some rippling and loose skin from it. I also have a fat pocket that runs in a... READ MORE

Can't Live with Divots & Wavy Thighs 5 Years After Bad Lipo, What Can Be Done?

Dear Doctors, Sorry I can't provide a photo, but I can describe my issue. I had lipo on my inner & outer thighs 5 years ago, and haven't... READ MORE

Can a bad liposuction be corrected?

I had a liposuction 5 years ago and the Dr did a horrible job. I have lumps on my stomach and it doesn't look smooth. Can that be corrected? READ MORE

How do you get rid of lumps after liposuction? Are they scar tissue and permanent?

I have lumps from a previous lipo on my stomach 5 yrs. ago. I'm having lipoabdominoplasty. Will that be able to get rid of the lumpiness? READ MORE

I had a traditional liposuction 5 years ago and I still have uneven skin with fibrosis. What can I do to treat this?

I had a traditional liposuction 5 years ago and I still have uneven skin. I have tried using non invasive treatments like ultrasonic cavitation but... READ MORE

Liposuction 5 years ago! Left out of shape. Could anyone fix it without making worse? What has to be done in My case? (Photos)

I ve placed this question before but have forgotten to write abt liposuction details - it was done 5 years ago. Did My buttocks go down? Can it be... READ MORE

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