Rippling and loose skin after Laser Lipo

Good Morning =) I had laser lipo about 5 years ago and I have some rippling and loose skin from it. I also have a fat pocket that runs in a line under my breasts. You cannot see the fat pocket when I am stading up straight, but if I am sitting and bent over at all you can and it gets worse if I gain an ounce it seems like the weight loves to go there.   I am 33 years old now. Is there anything I can do for this?  Is there a procudure for this without going under the knife?   I really want to wear a bikini without feeling like my stomach looks weird.  I heard about a procedure that freezes fat and another that does a suction...would you recommend either of these.  I am looking to have this done soon.   I want to feel like I look good in a bikini without people staring at my stomach noticing it looks strange. 

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Laser liposuction does very little to tighten the skin

The delivery of laser energy to the skin was thought to be able to tighten the skin. Unfortunately it does very little to tighten the skin. Redundant skin will require surgical excision.

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Options for loose skin after laser lipo

Unfortunately the problem you have can be difficult to treat, because the laser that was supposed to help the skin shrink can also cause scarring under the skin. I doubt that the cold therapy (Coolscul[pting, Zeltiq) would be helpful there but no one can give specific advice without seeing you. Revision lipo could be an option in some cases, but for the upper abdomen where there is scarring and skin laxity then a reverse tummy tuck is another useful option.

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Correcting Rippling after Liposuction

              The upper fat roll you mention can be easily contoured with repeat liposuction as this a frequent area that goes unsuctioned or undersuctioned. Waviness or rippling is an extremely frustrating result for surgeon and patient alike.  It is an inevitable consequence for some patients, unfortunately.  As far as correction, tummy tuck improves this in some patients but not in a patient like you with taut skin.  The area can be reelevated with another liposuction type procedure to allow the flap to stick back down again, hopefully better.  If there are distinct areas that are full, these can be liposuctioned at this time.  Areas that may be a little thin can be fat grafted

Laser Lipo Roll

Thank you for your question.  With a small roll of residual fat left after laser lipo, the options include revisionary lipo with or without laser, Zeltiq is a fat freezing treatment that is effective. Ultrashape uses ultrasound to melt fat. In terms of the skin looseness, there are radiofrequency devices such as Titan, light based devices such as SkinTyte.  While these are not surgical proecdures there is cost associated with the treatments. In most cases there is significant but modest improvement.  Best wishes!

Loose skin after lipo

There is very little to do for some loose skin after lip unless you have severe loose skin and require a tummy tuck.  Sometimes fat injection can be used to  improve contour irregularities.

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Post-liposuction defects

rippling and uneveness is very common after iposuction. sometimes it gets better on its own and other times it has to be corrected. as u had stated its been 5 yrs now, its unlikely to get better on its own. I  would not recommend fat freezing. Micro-liposuction to correct these defects would be my approach to correct these. in my practice I do a lot of these procedures and I see patients from all over the country. its possile to make it better but with caution.

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Loose skin after laser lipo

Thanks for your questions and photo, Laura.  The laser lipo machines that came out several years ago were not very impressive, and they were offered to too many non-plastic surgeons who were not trained in classical liposuction techniques.  This caused an opinion that laser liposuction and skin tightening does not work.  Currently, with the Smart Lipo Triplex system, the laser wavelengths used have shown to tighten the skin moreso than seen with traditional liposuction.  I would recommend seeking a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon that has experience with the Smart Lipo Triplex system.  My patients that have undergone the procedure have been very happy with the results.


Good luck in your endeavors.


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