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Lipo and Swelling

I had Lipo on Tuesday and have been suprised at the pain. I had a TT in February and was at work in ten days,so I have a pretty high pain tolerance.... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Fibrosis After Liposuction?

I'm from Mexico, so, sorry for my english. I had my first liposuction two years ago, which left me with fibrosis and fat pockets on my waist, back and... READ MORE

Air Pocket Under Skin After Lipo Without Drainage

I had Lipo done on my abs, hips, flanks and upper back 3 days ago, and there was no drainage put in. I have 10 holes and was told that they would only... READ MORE

Are Liposuction Final Results Similar to the First Few Days Before Swelling Occurs? (photo)

I had upper and lower abdominal, waist and hip liposuction on 1/25/13 w/ the surgeon taking 2300 cc of fat. The first three days I could tell an... READ MORE

Swelling 3 Days After Liposuction- Normal?

Today is day 3 post op liposuction. I had virtually no swelling the past two days. However, today I woke up with huge swelling. It feels very... READ MORE

Is my compression garment too tight? Can I just wear spanks? (Photo)

The garmet I was provided is too tight on my sides and press againsty ribs. It hurts more than my Lipo. I'm only on day 3 post op. Is it too soon to... READ MORE

Swelling After Liposuction -3 Days Post-Op?

From reading this forum i am awsre of the healing process & the time required post lipo. However i am worried that i now have a new crease above... READ MORE

Can I Put Cotton Between Skin and Compression Garment?

I wonder if I can put a cotton short under the compression garmet after wet liposuction?? It has been 3 days since the surgery. I see a rash on the... READ MORE

I Had 1600cc of Fat and Fluid Removed. How Long Before I Start to See Results?

My stomach is the same size if not bigger. Do you think that is due to swelling and if so when do I get past this phase? Granted it's only been... READ MORE

What to Do for the Creasing the Garment Does in my Stomach? (photo)

It id bothering me, i am 3 days post liposuction and i have this crease in my hip when i took a shower my skin had the same shape will this affect my... READ MORE

What to Do About Pocket of Fluid 3 Days After Liposuction?

I had lipo upper/lower abdomin flanks & lower back. Iit has been 3 days I now have what I think is a poocket of fluid which is warm. I have been... READ MORE

Is ripping, tearing, burning pain normal following lipo?

I had my inner thighs and flanks liposuctioned 3 days ago? I am very sore, but I have severe burning/ searing, ripping or tearing pain on my left... READ MORE

3 days post lipo 500ml or less removed, it looks like nothing was taken out. Is it normal to have this little taken out? (Photo)

I know im a little bit swollen but i paid 6 grand to have flanks upper and lower abdomen and outer thighs dont and it looks and feels the same hardly... READ MORE

Does standing for long hours and walking around (6 hours a day) affect lipo results?

I had my inner and outer thighs and inner knee done three days ago. I am planning to go back to work tomorrow ( I work as a restaurant manager and I... READ MORE

Can Areas Not Treated with Lipo Swell Too?

Hello, I am 3 days post-op. I had liposuction on my lower abdomen to remove my persistent "muffin top." My PS removed 200 cc's of fat from that area.... READ MORE

3 Days Post Op Lipo to Entire Body with Fat Trans. Pain is BAD. Gained 12 Lbs of Swelling in 3 Days?

3 days post op lipo to entire body... arms, back, inner/outter/back of thighs, butt, calves ankles and flanks with fat trans to butt. the pain is... READ MORE

Wore my Garment 15 Hours After Lipo? Will This Greatly Reduce my Results?

I had lipo on my ankles, calves, above knees, and thighs. My doctor advised me to wear Jobst compression stockings and a compression garment over the... READ MORE

How Long Do You Have to Leave on Your Dressing After Surgery?

I had surgery on Tuesday, I am male & had liposuction on both my breasts, I don't go back to see my Dr until next Wednesday, should I wait until... READ MORE

I had Liposuction 3 days ago. The abdominal binder seems to push the swelling into my pubic area, is this normal?

I had lipo on upper and lower abs, flanks, back and hips. The abdominal binder seems to push the swelling into my pubic area, is this normal?? Should... READ MORE

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