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How Much Does Lipoma Removal Cost?

What is the approximate out-of-pocket price if insurance doesn't cover the procedure? READ MORE

I have a cyst on my forehead needs removing. What options do I have? (Photo)

I have a cyst or a lipoma i am not sure what it is classified as but i have had it for 6 years it is on the right side of my forehead and it is... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Lipoma Removal?

Is there a way to have your insurance pay, whether partial or full, for lipoma removal? My husband has so many and they are only getting bigger. READ MORE

I have over 40 lipoma on my left leg alone. Is Lipoma Removal Covered by Insurance?

I have over 40 lipoma on my left leg alone. Is surgery covered by insurance? I'm tired of these things, and I seem to be getting more and more of them... READ MORE

What are the treatment options for lipoma removal? (photos)

I have a golf-ball lipoma on my right side just below my ribcage.... I've had it for years but it is now causing me discomfort. What is the best... READ MORE

Lipoma Swelled, Purple, Has Discharge, and Extremely Painful. No Insurance, No Money for Surgery. What Can I Do?

I have had a lipoma on my back between neck and shoulder for a couple years now. Recently, it has become inflamed, and is swollen, purple, painful to... READ MORE

Lipoma under jawline (Photo)

I have a lipoma about the length of the tip of my thumb to the first knuckle under my jawline. I am concerned about whether the resulting scar would... READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Lipoma Removal? 20 on Each Arm, and a Lg One Near my Spine.

I have several "lumps" under the skin on my arms and legs most are firm and pea sized. I have one near my spine that has a shocking feeling... READ MORE

Cost to remove one inch sebaceous scalp cyst?

I went for a consultation regarding a cyst I have on my scalp and the doctor told it's a sebaceous cyst that is not inflamed and I need a small... READ MORE

I have a quarter sized fatty lump on my forehead. Will my insurance cover it's removal?

It has gradually grown over the last 4 years and sometimes causes headaches. READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Cost and Will Anthem Cover the Expense?

I have numerous lipomas on my front thighs. I would like to have them removed. Would my Anthem insurance cover the procedures? READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma Just Above my Knee and It Has Increased in Size and Causes Me Discomfort. What Should I Do?

The lipoma is quite large and there is a significant size difference in my legs. I feel throbbing in the actual lipoma and I get sharp and dull pains... READ MORE

My Daughter Has a Small Lipoma Near Her Left Eye. How Much Would It Cost to Have It Removed? Would Insurance Cover It?

Our 2 year old daughter has a lipoma near her eye. We noticed it when she was about 6 months old. We are worried about it affecting her vision &... READ MORE

How can a lipectomy be determined as medically necessary by insurance?

I am an insurance collector in TX and have noticed more plans excluding lipectomy as cosmetic (including my own plan). I have a large golf ball-sized... READ MORE

Cyst or lipoma? (Photo)

I have a growth that looks like a cyst or lipoma behind my knee. I've had it since my childhood, and I'm in my late 30s. I would like to know if you... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal and Insurance?

My insurance doesn't cover the removal of lipomas, but I'm fairly certain they are the cause of my back pain because they are right next to my... READ MORE

I have an 2 inch lipoma on the right size of my cheek. Should I see a plastic surgeon? (Photo)

Would love to have it done soon. I have Anthem Blue Cross ins. any plastic surgeon advise. I live in Orange County, California. thank you READ MORE

What surgeries can be done to take care of a large number of lipomas, excess skin, & tissue, in my upper/ lower abdomen? (photo)

I have a large number of painful lipomas (the lipomas are likely related to my diagnosis of MEN1) in my upper and lower abdomen and at the base of my... READ MORE

Lipoma on Head, No Insurance. What Should I Do?

I got hit with a metal pipe a few years back well the knot never went away a year ago the knot smelled foul so i got someone to look at it and they... READ MORE

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