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Lipoma Removal with Minimal Scarring on Buttocks?

I have a lipoma on my left buttock, which changes the contour of my buttocks. I am currently on a diet and exercise plan, and the more weight I lose,... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal on Buttocks and then Sitting?

I just found out I have an exam scheduled for the evening on the same day I have a scheduled lipoma removal. The surgery is scheduled for early... READ MORE

Pain 6 months out from Lipoma Removal surgery.

I had a lipoma removed in July from the bottom of my left buttock. They thought it to be small because they could only see the top, but turned out to... READ MORE

What treatment is appropriate For Pea Size to Kumquat Size Limpomas?

I have had 2 lipomas removed from an upper arm about 15 yr ago. They did not return in that spot. Pathology confirmed lipoma. In the past 5 years,... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a Lipoma removed from my butt cheek and fat graft from my stomach to butt cheek at the same time?

I'm getting a tummy tuck and I have a lipoma on my right butt-cheek. The doctor is going to remove it then take fat from my tummy and graft it... READ MORE

I'm wandering how I can remove lipoma from my bottom and what the cost would be? (photos)

Hi I'm a 32 year old woman I've had lipoma since I was 16 It's on my arms,neck,legs, and bottom it has been a huge insecurity for me I was wandering... READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed from my buttock 3 wks ago & it looks as though it was never removed. It's swollen & hard. Is this normal?

Before it was removed it was a bump that was visible through pants, and now it still looks like that, maybe even larger. It was somewhat hard before,... READ MORE

I just had a small lipoma removed from my groin/ inner thigh & smaller one from low Buttock . How long before I can exercise?

I practice Ashtanga yoga and it is very vigorous and the legs need to move in all directions and stretched out a lot. I also cycle / sim and do squats... READ MORE

Can More Than One Lipoma Be in the Same Area?

About a month ago my partner noticed a lump about the size of a grape on her upper buttocks...almost near her hip area. We had it checked by our... READ MORE

My daughter has lipoma on inner side of her butt for the last 22 yrs.

Its like a very soft piece of extra flesh like a pimple. Its not under the skin. What should be done? Please help. READ MORE

Need second opinion. Which type of surgeon do I need for lipoma removal? I have 6 in my upper thigh and buttock area

I feel that the lipomas some seated in my muscle and he disagreed saying I have fat on this area. He noted he is using full sedation to remove all 6... READ MORE

Lipomas in multiple places; what should I do? (Photo)

In my body many lipoma in my harm, and leg and backside also. it's a dangerous? it's like a cancer? or not i want remove all. please advise me. which... READ MORE

Are you able to remove lipomas?

I've had pain in my right upper buttock area (lipoma) for a couple of years now and am just trying to get it fixed. The pain is daily and I have... READ MORE

What will stop the nerve pain of a lipoma touching the sciatic nerve?

I have a large flattend lipoma about the size of half a softball on the right side of my upper buttocks and tail bone area. The pain has become... READ MORE

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