Lipoma Removal with Minimal Scarring on Buttocks?

I have a lipoma on my left buttock, which changes the contour of my buttocks. I am currently on a diet and exercise plan, and the more weight I lose, the more noticeable this is becoming. Can I have lipoma removal with minimal scarring on my buttocks? Thank you.

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Buttock Lipoma removal with minimal scarring

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It depends.

First, we MUST make sure it is a benign lipoma and not a malignant poser. That requires a tissue biopsy which needs to be interpreted by an experienced pathologist.

If the mass is indeed a lipoma, the visibility of the removal scar, would depend on its location (extent of pulling on it and support underneath it). The larger and deeper the lipoma, the more deforming the post removal appearance may be. If this is the case, you MAY wish to consider having part of it liposuctioned KNOWING that it may recur down the road. But, at least, doing so corrected the bulgin and appearance for a while.

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