Uneven + Lip Surgery

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Crooked Philtral Column/uneven Upper Lip? (photo)

I've got a bit of a combination problem in that my nose isn't quite "in the middle" and neither is my philtral column. My nose angles one way while my... READ MORE

I Had a Fight Long Back and Got Stiches on my Lips, My Upper Right Lip is Thicker Than the Left Up, Options?

I had a fight long back ... and got stiches on my lips.My upper right lip is thicker than the left up. it spoils my smile. Can u please suggest... READ MORE

What Kind of Surgery Will Correct my Uneven Top Lip Due to Injury?

I busted my top lip really bad about three months ago. i didnt get stitches. instead, i let it heal on its own. now im left with what appears to be... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Rid of This Bump on my Bottom Lips?

I had a bad habit of lip sucking when I was young and did it got many years. Now I realized that it created a bump on the left side of my bottom lips... READ MORE

Uneven Lip After Car Accident

Hi 2 years ago I was involved in a car accident that left me a permanent scar just sbove my lip and left me with an uneven lip. Unless I close them... READ MORE

What I can I do to fix my uneven upper lip? (Photo)

I was bit on my lip by a dog when I was around 5 years old. I was rushed to the doctor and they sowed it up. Over the years, my lips got thicker and... READ MORE

Uneven cupid's bow; how can I fix it? (Photos)

Hi there--I've always had a very prominent Cupid's now in my upper lips, I've been noticing more and more lately that one side is almost pointed and... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my uneven lips?

I'm 18 I can't get permanent makeup yet. And I can't put makeup on correctly so a lip pencil or lipstick will not work in the slightest. I can't smile... READ MORE

When I Talk One Side of Mouth Moves More Than the Other Side?

I have always had this problem. My mouth moves unevenly when I speak and even when I smile. I had a braces when I was younger but still speak this way... READ MORE

What Improvements are Possible for Skewed Lips? (photo)

I am attaching a photo of my lips. To me, they are off-balance on my face and don't appear pleasant. They look the worst when my lips are slightly... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Lips? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I want to fix my lips. The surgery done with lips: bullhorn lip lift, upper lip corners augumentation, upper lip reduction, lower lip XY... READ MORE

Uneven lips, extra tissue on right side of upper lip, can this be fixed? (photos)

I have a growth of extra skin on the right side of my upper lip (lower part of the top lip). I had a strawberry hemangioma on this spot as an infant... READ MORE

My lips are uneven in color from childhood. In the middle it looks quite pink and from sides and upper it is black. (Photo)

From childhood I see my lips different in color. The lower lip is pinkish in the middle and darker from both the corners. It looks very bad when... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done for a Lip That Pulls to One Side?

My upper lip pulls to the left when I press my lips together. It makes my whole mouth area, from the base of the nose throughout my entire top lip... READ MORE

Uneven cupid's bow. Is there a way to raise one side without having it lifted with surgery? (Photo)

I was born with a tumor beneath my nose. It warped my lip and nose and have had 3 reconstructive surgeries since. I have a very asymmetrical face and... READ MORE

Middle upper lip bulges out over bottom lip, fillers don't help. What else can I try? (photo)

My center upper lip bulges out and overlaps my bottom lip. Bottom lip is also much wider than the upper lip. It's very ageing and makes me look... READ MORE

Does Lip Surgery Exist For Uneven Top Lip? (photo)

I am now 28 but when I was 16 I slipped in some ice and my mouth hit the ground which caused my two front teeth to cut into the top of my lip there... READ MORE

Uneven Upper Lip? (photo)

My upper lip is a little uneven as you can see in the pictures, this is due to a cleft lip. what procedure would be able to correct this? something... READ MORE

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