Asymmetry + Lip Surgery

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Lip Asymmetry After Mucocele Surgery. Repairable?

I recently had a large mucocele removed from the inside of my lower lip. The amount of tissue removed and the resulting scar inside the lip has left... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Upper Lip - Can I Get Lip Liposuction?

My upper left lip is noticeably larger than my right,and droops enough that I sometimes will bite it on accident sometimes when I'm eating. It... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Upper Lip? (photo)

I have an asymmetrical upper lip for as long as I can remember. I was wondering what kind of procedures could correct this, and if permanent makeup,... READ MORE

Bottom lip asymmetry (puffy) after two mucocele removals, and a steroid injection? Can a plastic surgeon fix this?

After having a mucocele develop over the years, last year I had it removed. The ENT doctor used a knife, and not a laser. Two months after I had it... READ MORE

Best treatment for Lip Augmentation (Photo)

I've asked this question before, however I would like clarification to as what the best treatment option is for my lip asymmetry. I would like to try... READ MORE

Having a Mucocele removed tomorrow from my bottom lip that I have had for about 30 years, is this a simple procedure? (photo)

Hi. I am having a Mucocele removed tomorrow from my bottom lip that I have had for about 30 years. I am really worried about the surgery after reading... READ MORE

Thicker lip on one side (both up and down). (photo)

Hello I am a 20 yo male. Almost 21. I have an unsymmetrical thicker lip on one side. I don't know why it is. It probably is because I used to bite my... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Lips? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I want to fix my lips. The surgery done with lips: bullhorn lip lift, upper lip corners augumentation, upper lip reduction, lower lip XY... READ MORE

What Improvements are Possible for Skewed Lips? (photo)

I am attaching a photo of my lips. To me, they are off-balance on my face and don't appear pleasant. They look the worst when my lips are slightly... READ MORE

Fatty lumps below bottom lip. Is there a way to get rid of them? (Photo)

I've found very little information about what these are, other thAn fat pockets or the obicularis oris. no one in my family had them, so they're not... READ MORE

Lip, Jaw and Chin Asymmetry? (photo)

I have asymmetry problems in my chin, jaw and lips. I am wondering if it will be possible to correct the lips without correcting the jaw. I am looking... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for a Crooked Lip & Smile? (photo)

I really appreciate you looking at my question. I'm 24 and I've never been happy with my appearance. Knowing that I'm extremely ugly affects me every... READ MORE

Uneven cupid's bow. Is there a way to raise one side without having it lifted with surgery? (Photo)

I was born with a tumor beneath my nose. It warped my lip and nose and have had 3 reconstructive surgeries since. I have a very asymmetrical face and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical lower lip shape post mucocele removal surgery. Are there options to male it symmetrical? (Photo)

I had mucocele removed twice from my right lower lip 2005 and 2007. My lower right lip now is assymetrical. Is there surgical or nonsurgical options... READ MORE

Regarding lip surgery/mucocele removal

Hello. I had a lip biopsy to remove a mucocele on my lower right lip. Some surrounding tissue was removed as well to make sure was all out. It is 3... READ MORE

Are There Any Surgeries to Beautify Smile and Give You Perfect Smile Lines or At Least Symmetry? (photo)

I am pretty much keen on getting a surgery which can enhance my smile and improve my smile line so that its on both the sides and when i smile, the... READ MORE

Lower lip asymmetry, in both fullness and shape, possibly caused by tight labial frenulum? (Photo)

I have a quite asymmetrical lower lip that I believe may be due to an overly tight, and off centre, labial frenulum. This really bothers me as it is... READ MORE

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