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My philtrum is too long. Is the subnasal lip lift the ideal procedure? (Photo)

1. How long does it take for swelling from a subnasal lip lift to subside? 2. Is it possible to get sutures that dissolve into the skin as opposed to... READ MORE

My lip lift incision isn't healing - is this normal? (Photo)

I had a skin-only LL performed 2 weeks ago, external sutures moved at 5 days post-op. The incision appears to be healing except for a few areas... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Perform Upper Lip Lift Without External Sutures?

I would like to do upper lip lift.Is it possible to perform intervention in situation like this? READ MORE

1 months post op Lip lift (bull horn), the sutures are still hard and numb. Any suggestions?

The sutures are still hard and numbed-especially in the middle... And when I smile it's doesn't show all my teeth as before.. Is that ll go after some... READ MORE

Lip lift incision area (Photo)

I've seen a recent abundance of lip lift reviews, and I noticed that most of the incisions and sutures extend not only just under the columellar area,... READ MORE

When doing a lip lift, is it best to suture (under your nose) skin on skin or to attach it to the septum?

I spoke with numerous doctors and not one agrees with the other, so decision making is tough. Is it best to attach the sutures under the nose to the... READ MORE

Lip lift revision - sutures opened up after day 3 and 4 - now have holes on each side of nose. Post op day 10? (Photos)

In my first lip lift the doctor used external sutures-scar healed beautifully at first but I had some tension scarring that occurred later Ironically... READ MORE

Lip Lift suspension with a suture?

I found this procedure on the internet and am looking for someone who performs it as I have unilateral paralysis and have a general droop on that side... READ MORE

Recovery time after gullwing lip lift?

Hi there, I've been considering a gullwing lip lift (knowing the pros and cons of it over a bullhorn lip lift), but I do work in a very social... READ MORE

Wound separation after Lip Lift, do I need to suture it again? (photo)

What is your suggestion for this type of wound separation? Do I need to suture it again? If yes, will it effect my final result? Will my lip swell... READ MORE

Day 5 after bullhorn upper lip lift, sutures cutting into skin (Photo)

I had my upper lip lift on Wednesday. On one end of the incision, sutures are cutting into my skin. I called the surgeon's office and even provided... READ MORE

Recovery time for upper lip lift: Will I ever be able to smile normally?

I had an upper lip lift with internal & external sutures 17 days ago. The ext sutures were removed 5 days post-op. Internal sutures dissolve after 6... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Upper Lip Lift, the incision isn't closing and there is stiffness. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I had an upper lip lift performed 4 weeks ago with internal & external sutures. The external sutures were removed 5 days post-op. Unfortunately,... READ MORE

Getting very worried; removable suture from upper lip lift sinking into skin

I'm very worried. I had my upper lip lift with removable sutures 1 week ago (last Fri, April 29th @ 930AM). I have to wait till tomorrow morning to... READ MORE

Still have sutures 5 weeks after lip lift, preventing the scar from healing completely. (Photo)

I had a bullhorn lip lift done 5 weeks ago using dissolvable sutures. Some of the sutures haven't fully dissolved, even though I wash it every day... READ MORE

Can a procedure similar to the gull wing lip lift or the bull horn lip lift be performed on the lower lip?

In gull wing lip lift or in one of its variant the bull horn lip lift the skin below the nostrils or the skin above the upper lip is removed and the... READ MORE

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