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Long upper lip, short maxilla, or both? (photos)

I have essentially no tooth show at rest and I really have to force my smile unnaturally to make my teeth show enough. After rhinoplasty, I think the... READ MORE

Lip lift to decrease Philtrum length? (photos)

I have a pretty long Philtrum as seen in photos and I really hate it. Whenever I take photos I always end up looking angry and old. My bottom face... READ MORE

Why does skin have to be 18mm for lip lift?

I really want a lip lift to show my teeth when I talk and smile. the length between my upper lip and nostrils is about 15mm but I've heard you can't... READ MORE

Would the lip lift significantly improve the appearance of my lips? (photos)

I am 21 years old and I am considering a lip lift. The length of my upper lip is 1.5cm which is 4mm longer than the ideal 1.1cm. Am I the right... READ MORE

Lip lift or alternative? (photo)

I am 45 and would like to reduce the length of the upper lift but am unsure if a lip lift is the best choice or if there are non surgical alternatives... READ MORE

Upper lip length after surgery.

I have a proposal from a doctor that I really think has a better understanding of my septal deviation than anyone else I've seen. My concern from my... READ MORE

My Lip Lenghth is Even Shorter Than 5 Cm Which Makes Me Look Ugly. Can Something Be Done About It?

I have very short length lips. the length is not more than 5 cms. it makes me smile horribly. can you please suggest a surgery or an alternative... READ MORE

Is upper lip lift a common procedure in Australia, where can I find surgeons experienced in this? (photos)

I am in my early 20s and undergone orthonagthic surgery few years ago which involved reducing the length of my maxilla. This resulted in my upper... READ MORE

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