Distortion + Lip Lift

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Can my nostrils be fixed after horrible lip lift? (photos)

After lip lift I'm left with distorted nostrils, a horrible scar,and a pig like nose,can anything be done to improve my face? READ MORE

How common is nostril distortion or losing the natural curve of the nostrils after a lip lift?

My midface will be 5 mm shorter. My lip is already too long and I will definitely have no tooth show after my teeth go up. I was excited to find a... READ MORE

Lip lift nostril distortion (Photo)

Has any nasal distortion occured in this lip lift, or are the bigger nostrils due to swelling? This is at week 6. READ MORE

Lip lift with distortion and misplaced mucosa, can anything be done? (photos)

I had a surgery performed by an ENT to remove small fleshy nodule from below inside of my lower left lip, it was conducted under local anesthetic... READ MORE

Preventing nostril distortion after lip lift. What is the technique?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty with tip work and alar rim grafts placed in October 2016. I want to have a lip lift when I am 6 months post (April 2017). What... READ MORE

Lip Lift after Rhinoplasty?

It's been almost 3 months since I had my Revision Rhinoplasty and I’m considering getting an upper lip lift done to shorten my philtrum. However, t... READ MORE

Incision of a lip lift inside the nostrils and not below?

Why does the incision of a bull horn lip lift is more common to be made below the nostrils and not inside although it looks way better if made inside... READ MORE

How is it this patient's lip lift doesn't distort her nostrils or pull downward on her columella?

Is it bc the skin was undermined from the lip to the incision line? In a majority of lip lift cases, the nares are pulled down from the tension @ the... READ MORE

How common is nostril distortion after a lip lift?

I want to have a liplift but have heard that nostril distortion is a risk. Is this true? If so, how common is it? What can be done to avoid this?... READ MORE

I had a lip lift a year ago and was left with distorted, enlarged nostrils that are pulling downward. Can this be fixed? (Pohto)

The skin from inide my nose is pulling down causing a cavernous appearance. And my nostrils are stretched. Can this be fixed? Why does this occur? I... READ MORE

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