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Can Lip Lift Correct Crooked Philtrum and Asymmetrical Lips?

Can a corner lip lift or just a general lip lift correct a crooked philtrum, and horizontally and vertically asymmetrical lips? READ MORE

Could my Droopy Bottom Lip Be Corrected? (photo)

The right side of my bottom lip pulls to the side when I talk or smile. My lip wasn't always this way, I think it happened after I had maxillofacial... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Fix my Crooked Smile?

It's been like this since I was little. My bottom lip is higher on the left side than the right READ MORE

My smile is crooked. What's causing it and how do I fix it? (photos)

One side of my top lip is staying and the other side moved up and shows my gums... READ MORE

Will a lip lift give me a normal toothy smile? (Photo)

For my whole life I have never been able to smile with my teeth. When I try, mostly the bottom teeth show. When I talk, only my lower lip moves and... READ MORE

Lip lift to decrease Philtrum length? (photos)

I have a pretty long Philtrum as seen in photos and I really hate it. Whenever I take photos I always end up looking angry and old. My bottom face... READ MORE

I was wondering if there is a permanent way to lift my philtrum through a small procedure right under my nose? (Photo)

I don't want bigger lips so I don't want fillers I just want a small lift so that my upper lip isn't so "bird" mouth looking. I don't want something... READ MORE

47 yr black female. My top lip has no shape and the Cupid's bow has no definition. (photos)

Top lip has no shape or Cupid's bow. Smile is crooked and lip hangs over teeth. Am I a candidate for a lip lift? Fillers? READ MORE

Lip lift revision. Any suggestions?

Hello Is the recovery time /swelling for a lip lift scar revision the same ? My scar is a bit crooked around one of my nostrils, I feel my nostrils... READ MORE

Can a lip lift help me achieve the look I want to achieve? (photos)

I have a long philtrum and a crooked mouth. This makes me so self conscious that I avoid all photos and selfies. I have no tooth show when I smile. I... READ MORE

How to fix my crooked mouth? (photo)

I have a crooked mouth and want to know if anything can be done to make it look more symmetrical. I already plan on getting an upper lip lift to... READ MORE

Can my asymmetry be improved? A lip lift?

I have asymmetrical lips and teeth. To fix the issue, I wore braces for 4 years as an adult, got permanent lip augmentation, and also had my lips... READ MORE

Is it possible to make a make a mouth more symmetrical with an upper lip lift?

I have a crooked, slanted mouth. The right corner is lower than the left corner. I've seen some before and after photos of lip lifts and noticed some... READ MORE

What can be done about crooked mouth, especially when speaking? (photos)

Had bells palsy 15 yrs ago,fell on chin 9y. thought Bells resolved it self. Had Botox in past but they over did it. I noticed when they injected, the... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to correct my asymmetrical lips? (Photo)

When I smile, my left upper lip comes up noticeably higher than the right upper lip. This results in more of my gums and teeth showing on the left... READ MORE

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